Shipping is certainly not the most fun part of travelling with your motorbike! However, at some stage if you want to ride around the world, you are going to have to face it at least a couple of times! Gathering the information can be time consuming and frustrating! Here are my experiences on Motorcycle shipping to date.

To make things easier I stayed in touch with a company in the UK called MotoFreight. Roddy has a lot of contacts around the world and has been a great source of information. He has also been very supportive and I can't recommend him highly enough.

So far I have shipped the bike 3 times:

Air Freight from Dubai to India

I used the following agency:

Dnata Cargo Parters
P.O. Box 1515
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

T +971 (0)4 606 4444
F +971 (0)4 606 4475

Total charge = 2681 Dirhams (roughly £460)

This did not include crating and I left the bike with wheels and bars in place so this could have been cheaper if I had made the crate smaller. I crated the bike myself but some companies will do this for you at a cost.

Customs charges in India came to a total of 27,000 indian rupees (roughly £275). This included a charge for road tax which had to be purchased before they would release the bike.

Indian customs takes time and patience. Although I got my bike out in record time (1 day), it normally takes around 3 days. It did however take me 3 days to locate my bike as it had not been shipped directly to Mumbai as planned. Instead it was flown to 3 different locations before catching up with me. This was down to Air India and not the agencies used. I have heard other stories like this so be warned!

Total cost of shipping a CRF250L Motorcycle from Dubai to India = £735

Air Freight from Nepal to Thailand

I used the following agency:

Eagle Export
(Exactly Next to Kathmandu Guest House)
Thamel, KathmanduNepal
Tel.     +977 1 4701022  (office)
Cell.    +977 9841325328, 9851136824 (Suraj)
Cell.    +977 9841938337(Sara)

These guys were very helpful and quick with information. 

Total charge = 72,318 NPR (roughly £460)

This price included crating. This time I decided to leave the front wheel on as I dont have a centre stand and I didn't know what help I would get on the other end, but I did take the bars off to make the crate narrower.

I arrived in Thailand on the Kings birthday but still managed to persuade customs to come in and deal with the me (otherwise it would have meant waiting 3 days). The process took all day as expected and I had to use an agent. I tried to do it without after they tried to charge extortianate rates but found myself lost in a warehouse with no one speaking english! I called the agent back and we agreed a fairer price. I also paid the customs man who came in on his day off an overtime rate of 770BHT (about £15). Total cost (including the agent taking me to get fuel) was 4220BHT (roughly £80)

The initial charges quoted were in the region of £350 so please question everything and everyone when it comes to Thai customs and agents.

Total cost of shipping a CRF250L Motorcycle from Nepal to Thailand = £540

Shipping from Malaysia to Indonesia

I used the famous Mr Lim to ship from Penang to Medan.

Cakra Enterprise,
187, 2nd floor, Lebuh Pantai,
10300 Georgetown, Penang. 
Tel: 0124709717.

Mr Lim was very helpful and arranged everything very quickly and efficiently. The

bike goes on an onion boat (wooden cargo ship) and I had no problems at either end. 
Total cost for shipping = 600MYR (roughly £115)

Mr Lim arranges an agent for you at the other end. He too was very helpful and even bought me lunch while we waited for customs to have theirs! Charge here was 1150,000IDR (roughly £60)

Total coast of shipping a CRF250L Motorcycle from Malaysia to Indonesia = £175

Air Freight from Bali to Darwin

I used PT Green Air Pacific for shipping from Bali and I would highly recommend that you DO NOT USE THIS AGENT!
They failed to tell me several things which resulted in the price being trippled. Eventually we came to an agreement and the price was brought down but they said they had to take the front wheel off and repackage. I was happy with this and made it clear that they should not touch anything else on the bike.

When the bike was uncrated at the other end I found the back wheel, spark plug, battery and bars had been removed despite them agreeing nothing else would be touched. Clearly they wanted to make as much profit out of the new size price and so made it as small as possible.  I also found the forks had been loosened. Luckily this was spotted before I tried to ride away. Luckily I had a trailer to take it away and work on it and luckily I went to do an oil change before I started the engine because they had taken the oil out as well and not told me!!!!! I was not happy with their service at all. If they had kept me informed rather than trying to hide things I would have been satisfied.

Total eventual cost of shipping was $1,699.20 (USD) (roughly £1085) - Half what the price had gone up to.

On the other end I used (they received the crate)
PJs Customs Brokers and Logistics
Phone - +61889472575
email -

They were a great help and Matt was very quick to reply to emails with useful information.

The Quarantine inspection was completed within 2 days and cleared very quickly. My appoinment was at 10am and I was out by 11.30am with the bike.

Total cost in Australia including receiving fee, customs fees and quarantine inspection came to $551 AUD

Total cost of shipping from Bali to Darwin = £1380


  1. Hi Steph,
    Great blog and very interesting shipping details.
    I'm hoping to go to Oz in the spring and have been thinking about the Iran-Dubai-India or Kathmandu route.
    Did you have to use a guide through Iran? I hear it's necessary and expensive now.
    How difficult were these Iranian and UAE visas to get?
    Thanks and have fun.

    1. Hi Graham. Sorry for the delay in replying. I got my visa just in time so I didnt need a guide but you do now and yes it is quite expensive. You are best teaming up with someone and even then you will have to rush it a little unless you are loaded!!! UAE visa on arrival and Iran I got through an agency. They did most of the work to be fair!

  2. Thank you Steph, you are so nice to share this very, very valuable information for future riders. It takes time to write all this up, so we really appreciate your efforts. Be safe and if you need anything, please let me know.

    1. My pleasure Madeline. I hope the info is helpful.

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  5. Hi Steph!
    I am an adventure blogger in iran and it's called Gerdali.
    I was hoping I could do a short interview with you via email since you can inspire many many young people in my country who wish to travel the world and pursue their dreams.
    I could not find your email anywhere around here, so if you could just guise me here I will be thankful.

    Thanks for having such a beautiful and inspiring blog for us.


    1. Hi Gerdali. I would be happy to. My email is

  6. "Indian customs takes patience." - That's an understatement! I'd say you'd be lucky to get out of there in three days, much less one. This is really great info though--not always easy to find something so accurate & in-depth about it. Cheers.

  7. hi thanks for the info any chance you know any shipping company who can ship my bike from Malaysia Penang to Germany ?
    if anyone know please contact me here +60102222069 whatsapp or normal text anything will do thanks

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