Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Arrived in Joburg


  1. Stay safe over there and keep us updated. Oh, and have fun!

  2. Hi Steph
    8 Days ago i found your amazing Blog, wrote most of your Articles and watched nearly all of your YouTube Videos and bought your IBook (sad that there is no Paperbook). All in all, it was so great and inspiring that (no Joke) after some conclusion and a testride at Honda (i live near to the Honda Germany Headquarter) i orderd a brand new CRF 250 L for me ! ;-)
    Although it will take about 4-5 Weeks till i get my new bike - i'm more than happy about it.
    This means - you did a very good promotion for Honda ;-)
    Sorry for my "not perfect" English...

    1. Hi Achim.
      That's great! Very excited for you! Have fun with it and I hope you will continue following the journey! :)

    2. For shure, i will !
      And i wish you good luck for the rest of your yourney (how long will it be, till you come home to your Familiy ?) and many greetings to "Rhonda" from my new bike called "Bob" ;-)

  3. Ha ha always loved the name Bob!

    I think another 11 or 12 months before I am home.

  4. Since Wednesday last week "Bob" lives in my Garage and allthough i'm not gay - i felt in love with "him" ;-)

    It's fun every single minute i drive arround, and within the first 3 days i drove nearlly 500 km with this phantastic bike. You have been the one, who showed me how great this bike can be - and therfore i thank you (and so should Honda - i'm quit shure i wont be the only one who became a CRF 250 L Fan cause of your inspiring videos !) Good luck Steph and as you said in your Review "May you have many happy miles" ;-)