Wednesday, 17 May 2017

We are all individuals - I'm not!

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I sort my personal items into 2 piles; 'Can't live without for 6 weeks', and 'Can live without for 6 weeks'.  I say goodbye to my trusty steed Rhonda, as she goes into the box with the second pile of items (the first pile goes into an old Canadian Navy issue rucksack, donated by my friend, Pat!). I won't see Rhonda again for 6 weeks. From here we must make our own way to Africa. First, Rhonda will board a train to Montreal, and then a ship to Durban, where we will reunite. I will go by train to the US and then fly to our final continent.

Until then - I am just another tourist! I clean the hard-earned grime and grease from under my fingernails, and try desperately to get rid of my helmet hair, as I sit and contemplate what this means!

TOURIST! We all hate to be under that banner don't we? We call ourselves travellers, backpackers, or overlanders! Anything but the 'T' word! 'Tourist' is everyone else. Tourists get in the way of that beautiful shot. They are the 'others' that we talk about in hushed tones, wishing they would all just go away and stop ruining this otherwise peaceful location. THEY are the ones that turn every location into Disneyland, right? The McDonald-munching, queue-forming, mindless zombies that will eat your brain as soon as look at you. They meander without purpose or direction. They bump into you without apology. They live life through a lens, and never stop clicking long enough to actually enjoy the moment!

We've all said it - 'Bloody tourists!'

Still - the flip flops are out and I'm not afraid to use them. If I am to survive, I must become one of them. I brace myself, as I put on on my disguise and enter the madding crowd and its ignoble existence. As Rhonda sets sail, destined for a dark ride on the big water, I wave goodbye to my individuality and head for the nearest attraction - to get in line!


  1. Hi Steph. Been following your experiences across the globe. Well, at last you're on your way to my part of the world. Have you planned your route through South Africa yet ? It would be nice if you could give me an idea, I would love to meet up somewhere to have a chat. Regards. Errol.

    1. Hi Errol. Where are you based? You could email me and we can have a chat. Cheers.

  2. ha ha...not an individual...just another crazy character that makes the world a better place! Bon voyage to you 2!

  3. Yeahhhh, fuck the tourist
    See you soon in Africa, Chris

  4. Enjoy your "time off". By the way, the post above mine by momin uddin sure looks like SPAM.