Wednesday, 17 May 2017

We are all individuals - I'm not!

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I sort my personal items into 2 piles; 'Can't live without for 6 weeks', and 'Can live without for 6 weeks'.  I say goodbye to my trusty steed Rhonda, as she goes into the box with the second pile of items (the first pile goes into an old Canadian Navy issue rucksack, donated by my friend, Pat!). I won't see Rhonda again for 6 weeks. From here we must make our own way to Africa. First, Rhonda will board a train to Montreal, and then a ship to Durban, where we will reunite. I will go by train to the US and then fly to our final continent.

Until then - I am just another tourist! I clean the hard-earned grime and grease from under my fingernails, and try desperately to get rid of my helmet hair, as I sit and contemplate what this means!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Across Canada!

The Rockies gave way to the rolling hills of Alberta and then suddenly there it was  - the Prairies. They say you can see your dog running away for days here. I didn't have a dog - only Rhonda and my drone Marvin, and if it just stopped blowing, it would be the perfect place to practice my drone flying skills.  

Some days it felt like I was just floating along in a dream like state, with nothing much externally to catch my attention. I actually like these days. Just me, the road, and my daydreams. Other days the weather forced me into reality with ever changing winds and gusts that unapologetically played with me, occasionally throwing me across the lines and trying my patience. On the good days, I would smile to myself and blast the 70's disco music in my helmet. If you can't beat it, get in the grove right? Go with the flow! On the bad days however, I would curse my aching body, tense up and go head to head with mother nature herself. Several hundred miles of this can be exhausting with not even a tree to hide behind!