Sunday, 16 April 2017

Riding Saskatchewan


  1. Great video Steph! Not many trees to mess up the Drone!

    1. Exactly Vic! Perfect spot to practice!

  2. Hi Steph! You are such an inspiration. I am moved to tears! You just met my brother - Yann - while fueling and he send me your picture and quickly told me your story and I said Oh WOW! what an amazing being! So here I am on your website and if you ever decide to push your bike up to Montreal we would love to see you! Sending Much Love and Lights your way! Safe travel! Sylvie xoxo

  3. Hello Steph- I just missed you in Saskatchewan as I live close to where you were staying. I was actually at Schreader's speaking with Lyle a couple of weeks ago who mentioned that woman who was travelling on a 250 around the world stopped by and I remembered an article in an ADV magazine I'd read previously and sure enough it was you!! In the traditions of Tiffany, Lois and Elspeth I wish you safe travels and keep with the mantra that the world is mostly good and the majority of people are there to help when you need it.