Thursday, 6 April 2017

For Tim - RIP

Yesterday I got the news that my good friend Tim Carrier had died in a motorbike accident back home.

I cannot attend the funeral and so I would like to pay my respects here on my blog. This is fitting as Tim had a very big part in this story and he never missed an update.

One day, at the end of 2013, as I was clearing out my attic in preparation for my big journey - I got a phone call. My phone was in my pocket and so I answered it in the dark and spider-infested hole I had crawled into.

'Hello. Steph speaking' I said, trying to sound like I was at a desk and not in an attic!
'Hello. This is Tim Carrier.', came the reply, 'I heard about your trip and I would like to help you get to Antarctica'.

I sat up at this news and promptly smacked my head on a beam! That was the first time Tim and I spoke.

Over the following months, Tim and I became friends. He was such a busy man and yet always had time for a chat or to meet for a beer and discuss any worries I had re my business or my upcoming trip. He was a calm and reassuring man who had a habit of just being there when you needed him.

Tim was there to wave me off when I left London in March 2014 and stayed with me throughout the entire trip - supporting my decisions, showing concern at times, and helping with money raising ideas or shipping solutions. He felt like part of the family as he was never judging of my crazier ideas and his support was unconditional. Tim was the reason I achieved a dream and made it to Antarctica.

I didn't know that much about Tim regarding the rest of his life. He was clearly a loving family man and a very good businessman.

Tim - You were a big and positive influence in my life. This trip had become partly for you. I wanted to finish it to repay you your kindness and show you that you were not wrong to believe in me. I looked forward to seeing you at Motobreaks in France where you had planned a big party for my homecoming in true biker style. I had always imagined giving you the biggest hug and celebrating OUR achievements together.

If I have anything to do with it - The journey continues and the party goes on! I may not be able to complete everything we had discussed without you but I will not miss raising a glass to you at the place we should have met.

Thank you for everything. I will miss you.

My thoughts are with your family xxxxxxxxx


  1. very sad news.sounds like Tim saw the value of living life large and shared your dream. I think that those who have gone before us would likely say...go live, live it to the is one life...have no regrets. your journey and the party must go on and inspire! well said!

    1. Thanks Vic. Yes he did. A great man.
      Wonderful advice xxxxxx

  2. I will raise a glass for Tim Carrier ��. I share his passion for motorbikes.

    1. Good for you Dennis. I have done the same :) xxxx

  3. Very sad news indeed. My thoughts are with friends and family. Rest in peace, Tim Carrier.

  4. So sorry for the loss of your dear friend and collegue, Steph :( My thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue on your adventure.
    ON, Canada

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    1. It's quite disrespectful to spam a memorial article Brandy!

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  7. Very sad news
    Your tribute to Tim was very fitting.
    A glass or two to raise for amazing people like him

    Best regards
    Cardiff Wales U.K.

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