Friday, 11 November 2016

Worried about the winter?

I fear I have been neglecting my blog updates of late! My apologies. My time though, has been extremely productive since my last update and so my apology is not really heart-felt  if I'm honest! I write now with a clear conscience and a 'pleased with myself' look on my face!  Sometimes you just have to prioritise! Anyway - you have been far too busy following the US elections to miss me, PLUS I am hoping that what I have planned over the next few months will more than make up for my latest radio silence!

Winter is looming in Canada and I had booked my flight back here with a devil-may-care attitude, knowing only too well that I was heading straight for a collision course with this unforgiving season. I had no concrete plan but I did have a few ideas. My first mission was to test my body and check out some more of British Columbia. Tick! If you watched the video you will know that things went well, but I am now in B.C with very little time or inclination to rush across to the east coast. There is far too much to experience and report HERE before I move on, and Canada is best seen and ridden in the sunshine anyway! So what now? I always say - When life hands you lemons, tell it you ordered MELONS and explain dyslexia in simple terms!

I have packed my tent away and landed myself a house-sitting job over-looking a beautiful lake, with a log fire and a cat to stroke and feed on a daily basis!

Its going to be a busy winter!  I am writing a monthly column for Ride Magazine in the UK and monthly articles for ADV Moto here in North America. I will be attending Timonium Motorcycle Show in Baltimore again in February and look forward to delivering an all-new presentation on last year.  I am also writing an ebook, which will be out in December. Watch this space for updates. If you enjoyed the last videos, then you should enjoy the next lot. A series of short films created from my past footage.  This will cover some of my most memorable riding destinations. Antarctica will be the first release and I should have it ready to air next week! It's a busy time for me but an opportunity to stay still with an inspirational picture window thrown in, has to be taken advantage of. Time to get to work and see if I can't earn a few quid to get me across Canada and over to my last continent of Africa!

Don't worry, it's not all work - I am still finding time to ride the trails on the sunny days, learn the rules of ice hockey and drink beer with new friends! I also have a couple of adventures lined up over winter. It's not ALL about two wheels either. Next week I will be reviewing the Yeti MX for Ride Magazine  - a snow motorbike on tracks!  OMG!!!! Check these things out...

Yes I WILL have a photographer in tow to share all my spills with you!

The following week I will be meeting and chatting with local biker Roger Goldammer - a custom bike builder, best known for winning the bike building world championship no less than THREE times! Twice was unheard of, but THREE TIMES? Roger and I met at a party back in March but the night is vague, (age and alcohol) so I look forward to finding out more this time, about his escapades in the workshop as well as on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

The fun doesn't stop there! In March I will be joining a team of adventurous philanthropists and reporting back on some four-wheeled action up North! In fact you can't get much further North! Our mission - in which we hope to raise further awareness and funds for -  is to drive to the uppermost edge of Canada and to Tuktoyaktuk, along the frozen Arctic Ocean. 5,000 miles in conditions of -40,  along the now infamous route of the Ice Road Truckers. Our aim is to do it in 18 days. The ice roads will be closing altogether soon, as climate change has made them less predictable. By 2017, a new land road will connect this small inuit community with the Dempster Highway and the rest of the World. More details will be released soon. Watch this space. Looks like it could be a fun winter after all! 


  1. Good for you. Sounds like a great way to spend the winter.

  2. You continue to be my hero. Yes, Africa!! Let's start in Victoria Falls :-)))

  3. Always ere miss jeavons. Take it easy n enjoy the view mwa xx

  4. Brilliant news Steph' ... I did wonder about you taking on the Canadian winter. Even the early weeks can be fearful, from what I've been told. And so pleased to hear you've got a warm place to stay and avoid the risk of hyperthermia!
    Loved the snow-biking sequence and sent it on to my buddy in Australia, who's a frequent off-roader. And liked too, the picture of cat window-watching out onto a gorgeous landscape.

    Good timing, seeing this latest post from you. As I've just finished Ted Simon's 'Jupiter's Travels' for the 2nd time. Oddly, had forgotten much of it's contents. But in reading it this time, and after my own travels ... found I was more interested in TS's inner thought processes on the experience of travelling, more that the where he went, what he did and what he saw ... However, what the book conveyed, was that many of the real highlights of his journey, were the people he met!

    As always, thanks for sharing x

    1. Hey Lenz. Always good to hear from you. TS did indeed write a good book there. So good in fact that at 80 he is still enjoying the fruits of his labour! Good going!

      I was a little anxious to be off the roads for so long but with so many projects to tackle now, well it's going to be a fun time! Bring it on!