Monday, 28 November 2016

The Yeti MX - Is it an abominable snow machine?

Ever tried riding your dirt-bike in the snow? It’s good fun. Doing donuts, falling off, laughing at your friends. It may be fun but generally - you wont get far. It’s hardly going to catch on as the next big thing in snow sport. 

Riding my motorcycle is becoming increasingly miserable as winter arrives here in Canada. I needed to try a more appropriate sport to take on the winter in style. With my only skiing holiday ending in a desire never to repeat the experience, what could I do?

What if you could combine the two? What if you could put your bike on a snowboard and go where no snow-lift has gone before? What if you could ride up AND down the gnarliest of ranges where even a snowmobile would struggle?

Enter the Yeti MX! 

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Memorable Rides: Part 1 - Antarctica

From the makers of such films as 'The Fall of British Columbia' and 'Dancing in the Outback' - One Steph Beyond brings to you the first in a 3 (maybe 4) part series called - Memorable Rides! Grab a brew, sit back and enjoy the rather bizarre site of a Honda CRF250L and a Welsh girl in Antarctica. In Part 1 of this incredible series Steph and Rhonda (the Honda) land twice on Antarctica, get drunk with Ukrainian scientists and the Chilean Navy before hitching a ride home on a Russian Ice Breaker! Part 2 - India coming soon to a Facebook/blog near you! Yes folks - she finally did something with the footage! - Please stay tooned and SHARE the love if you enjoy! Diolch yn fawr iawn. 

Friday, 11 November 2016

Worried about the winter?

I fear I have been neglecting my blog updates of late! My apologies. My time though, has been extremely productive since my last update and so my apology is not really heart-felt  if I'm honest! I write now with a clear conscience and a 'pleased with myself' look on my face!  Sometimes you just have to prioritise! Anyway - you have been far too busy following the US elections to miss me, PLUS I am hoping that what I have planned over the next few months will more than make up for my latest radio silence!