Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Video Diary - The Fall of British Columbia

This is my latest compilation. It is my longest yet! I will be interested to see if it is TOO long to hold your attention! I just had so much fun that I didn't want to cut anything out. I hope you find it interesting. Grab a brew, put your feet up for ten minutes and perhaps get inspired for your next holiday destination! - Please feel free to comment and share.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Gray Creek Pass

The sign was clear - WARNING - High clearance vehicles only.  Road not maintained. Road narrow and steep for 56km.  I only had the word of one biker that it was passable and it seemed my GPS and google maps were refusing to accept any liability, opting to ignore the obvious track that lay before me.  I was however, feeling lucky, and to top it off there was a rainbow over the entrance, inviting me to come and play. How bad could it be when there were rainbows showing the way?

Friday, 7 October 2016

Best BC bike roads

Peachland to Marysville
As I parked my dusty motorbike and wearily sat down in the coffee shop for a much needed Americano, I was approached by a man in his late fifties wearing a baseball cap and looking like he was trying too hard to be hip in a scruffy ‘aloof’ kind of way. ‘Where are you from?’ he asked in a voice that boomed across the cafe. For some reason I answered in decibels that appeared to match his - which surprised me just as much as the guy on the next table 'I’m from the UK’, I said. 'Oh RESPECT!', he replied and proceeded to grab my hand and reach in for what I initially thought was a kiss! Thankfully he stopped before I could react with a swift move and stern voice (the one I usually keep for naughty dogs and drunk men).  He lined up his nose with mine and looked me expectantly in the eyes, just inches away, holding that pose for what seemed like an eternity. I clearly looked confused. He pulled away with a disappointed look and said ‘You don’t do the nose touching? Which island are you from - North or South?' 'Um I’m from North Wales not New Zealand’, I said apologetically. ‘I’m afraid we don’t do the nose touching thing there!' 

I had arrived in the small and extremely friendly town of Fernie! 

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Wish you were here!

Sorry for the lack of updates but there is just too much riding to do and winter is coming!! Updates coming soon! I promise! The nights are drawing in and its pretty cold in my tent now! Speak soon!