Monday, 12 September 2016

All this for a Tim Hortons Coffee!

All my weak points throbbed as I travelled down the all familiar A55 towards Manchester airport in my mates trusty old camper van.  They seemed to be crying out to me to reconsider 
'Don't go" cried my shoulder. 'We're not ready' grumbled the back. 
'It's just nerves' I comforted. 'We'll be fine. Let's do this'. 

Airports are not my favourite place. I enjoy the people watching, especially when you're going to pick someone up from the arrivals gate. Now that really is a nice place to be. I can get quite emotional watching the newly alighted coming through, each one in turn spotting their loved ones, their faces turning from searching to beaming, and the hugs commencing. I often wonder about each story and try to guess where they've been, who's picking them up, how long they've been away and so on. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

....We've got to make the morning last.

It's amazing how quickly you get used to more THINGS in your life. As I pack up my caravan and wonder where all this stuff came from, I realise that in my "to take" pile, I have 5 items of footwear! I came with 2. Walking shoes and flip flops. For the last two years I have lived in these same 2 pairs quite happily, never feeling like I needed more. After 3 months in one place I suddenly feel I can't live without the running shoes or the boots that go so well with the skinny jeans (also extra)! I am even trying to pack a pair of road boots in my hand luggage as I feel my ever squeaking Sidi's are just too damn big for every day use.