Monday, 28 November 2016

The Yeti MX - Is it an abominable snow machine?

Ever tried riding your dirt-bike in the snow? It’s good fun. Doing donuts, falling off, laughing at your friends. It may be fun but generally - you wont get far. It’s hardly going to catch on as the next big thing in snow sport. 

Riding my motorcycle is becoming increasingly miserable as winter arrives here in Canada. I needed to try a more appropriate sport to take on the winter in style. With my only skiing holiday ending in a desire never to repeat the experience, what could I do?

What if you could combine the two? What if you could put your bike on a snowboard and go where no snow-lift has gone before? What if you could ride up AND down the gnarliest of ranges where even a snowmobile would struggle?

Enter the Yeti MX! 

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Memorable Rides: Part 1 - Antarctica

From the makers of such films as 'The Fall of British Columbia' and 'Dancing in the Outback' - One Steph Beyond brings to you the first in a 3 (maybe 4) part series called - Memorable Rides! Grab a brew, sit back and enjoy the rather bizarre site of a Honda CRF250L and a Welsh girl in Antarctica. In Part 1 of this incredible series Steph and Rhonda (the Honda) land twice on Antarctica, get drunk with Ukrainian scientists and the Chilean Navy before hitching a ride home on a Russian Ice Breaker! Part 2 - India coming soon to a Facebook/blog near you! Yes folks - she finally did something with the footage! - Please stay tooned and SHARE the love if you enjoy! Diolch yn fawr iawn. 

Friday, 11 November 2016

Worried about the winter?

I fear I have been neglecting my blog updates of late! My apologies. My time though, has been extremely productive since my last update and so my apology is not really heart-felt  if I'm honest! I write now with a clear conscience and a 'pleased with myself' look on my face!  Sometimes you just have to prioritise! Anyway - you have been far too busy following the US elections to miss me, PLUS I am hoping that what I have planned over the next few months will more than make up for my latest radio silence!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Video Diary - The Fall of British Columbia

This is my latest compilation. It is my longest yet! I will be interested to see if it is TOO long to hold your attention! I just had so much fun that I didn't want to cut anything out. I hope you find it interesting. Grab a brew, put your feet up for ten minutes and perhaps get inspired for your next holiday destination! - Please feel free to comment and share.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Gray Creek Pass

The sign was clear - WARNING - High clearance vehicles only.  Road not maintained. Road narrow and steep for 56km.  I only had the word of one biker that it was passable and it seemed my GPS and google maps were refusing to accept any liability, opting to ignore the obvious track that lay before me.  I was however, feeling lucky, and to top it off there was a rainbow over the entrance, inviting me to come and play. How bad could it be when there were rainbows showing the way?

Friday, 7 October 2016

Best BC bike roads

Peachland to Marysville
As I parked my dusty motorbike and wearily sat down in the coffee shop for a much needed Americano, I was approached by a man in his late fifties wearing a baseball cap and looking like he was trying too hard to be hip in a scruffy ‘aloof’ kind of way. ‘Where are you from?’ he asked in a voice that boomed across the cafe. For some reason I answered in decibels that appeared to match his - which surprised me just as much as the guy on the next table 'I’m from the UK’, I said. 'Oh RESPECT!', he replied and proceeded to grab my hand and reach in for what I initially thought was a kiss! Thankfully he stopped before I could react with a swift move and stern voice (the one I usually keep for naughty dogs and drunk men).  He lined up his nose with mine and looked me expectantly in the eyes, just inches away, holding that pose for what seemed like an eternity. I clearly looked confused. He pulled away with a disappointed look and said ‘You don’t do the nose touching? Which island are you from - North or South?' 'Um I’m from North Wales not New Zealand’, I said apologetically. ‘I’m afraid we don’t do the nose touching thing there!' 

I had arrived in the small and extremely friendly town of Fernie! 

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Wish you were here!

Sorry for the lack of updates but there is just too much riding to do and winter is coming!! Updates coming soon! I promise! The nights are drawing in and its pretty cold in my tent now! Speak soon! 

Monday, 12 September 2016

All this for a Tim Hortons Coffee!

All my weak points throbbed as I travelled down the all familiar A55 towards Manchester airport in my mates trusty old camper van.  They seemed to be crying out to me to reconsider 
'Don't go" cried my shoulder. 'We're not ready' grumbled the back. 
'It's just nerves' I comforted. 'We'll be fine. Let's do this'. 

Airports are not my favourite place. I enjoy the people watching, especially when you're going to pick someone up from the arrivals gate. Now that really is a nice place to be. I can get quite emotional watching the newly alighted coming through, each one in turn spotting their loved ones, their faces turning from searching to beaming, and the hugs commencing. I often wonder about each story and try to guess where they've been, who's picking them up, how long they've been away and so on. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

....We've got to make the morning last.

It's amazing how quickly you get used to more THINGS in your life. As I pack up my caravan and wonder where all this stuff came from, I realise that in my "to take" pile, I have 5 items of footwear! I came with 2. Walking shoes and flip flops. For the last two years I have lived in these same 2 pairs quite happily, never feeling like I needed more. After 3 months in one place I suddenly feel I can't live without the running shoes or the boots that go so well with the skinny jeans (also extra)! I am even trying to pack a pair of road boots in my hand luggage as I feel my ever squeaking Sidi's are just too damn big for every day use.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

And they're off!

Most people have tried to convince me to wait out the winter in my comfortable little caravan in Wales. By spring things will be easier, the snow will have passed in Canada and my injuries will have had more time to recover. After all, what's the rush?

Whist all this makes sense on many levels, it will come as no surprise to those people that I have decided not to take that advice. It's true that my brain mostly agrees and my body will most certainly benefit from more rest. HOWEVER, a small part of brain is telling me to just go and see what happens! This is the part of my brain that often gets me in to trouble! This is the part of my brain that generally must be obeyed!

After many conversations and many weeks of deliberating, I have now booked my flight for 9th September. This does not leave me much time to cross Canada before the bad weather kicks in. My plan is this - GO WITH THE FLOW!

Monday, 25 July 2016

The Littlest Hobo - One Steph Beyond (and friends)

I loved the Littlest Hobo as a kid. My friends even played the song for me at my leaving do. I decided to record a line in various countries along the way. I was going to save showing anyone until it was finished but....ah what the is the first part for the first leg. Next two verses will be recorded in Canada and Africa! I hope it brings a smile to your face :) Enjoy!

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Still going - Kinda!

You may have gathered by now that I have swapped Rhonda in Canada for a caravan in Wales for the summer while I pay some attention to my body and continue my recovery.

Meanwhile back in British Colombia - Rhonda is getting some work done to reduce vibrations. They are not particularly bad on this bike but as I have now suffered multiple injuries, my body has become super sensitive to the low frequency, or any level vibrations. With the help of Honda Canada (who kindly supplied the budget) and Honda Kelowna who are doing the work, we are working on a few ideas. The devil is in the detail and I feel small changes could make all the difference. We are looking at suspension, footpegs and hand grips.

Meanwhile, back in Wales.............

Sunday, 22 May 2016

The Devil at the crossroads

My old friend Pete (Bog) looked me in the eye as the tears rolled down my face once more and said 'Steph?' Pause for dramatic effect. 'It's time to go home'.  He said it with such concern and love that the sobs came then from the depth of my soul. At that moment I let go of the months of pain, heartache, teary conversations and down right torture. It was time to face the facts! It was time stop beating myself up. I had to come to terms and make peace with my situation.  It was time to go home - or was it?

Friday, 22 April 2016

Adventure Rider Radio Podcast

Put your feet up and listen in to my latest interview with Adventure Rider Radio....

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Article - Small bike. Big Adventure

I wrote this article about 10,000 miles ago! I think I would still say the same thing today! (click on the image to read)

Monday, 11 April 2016

Time Out!

These will be my last riding pictures for a few weeks as I take a little time out in the mountains of BC and attempt to...
Posted by One woman, one motorbike, one world trip on Monday, April 11, 2016

Are you in the Kelowna area?

Buy Tickets Here

A Fundraising presentation by Steph Jeavons,  as she passes through the Okanagan on her Global adventure. Steph is the first Briton to attempt ride to all 7 continents and take a Honda CRF250L further than any 250cc Motorcycle has ever gone before. Enjoy her tales of travels through Europe, Asia, Australia, Antartica and the Americas. Steph will be joined by West Kelowna's own fellow adrenalin junkies Monster Truck Driver Cam McQueen, and geriatric adventurer Mark Jennings-Bates.  

Monday, 4 April 2016

New income stream?

MY first day out and about in Vancouver after being cooped up for 2 weeks in recovery! I've been feeling a little flat lately what with all these aches and pains. Seems I am still a little flat in voice but otherwise - as you can see - I am getting there physically and mentally!

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Jolly Hockey Sticks!

What better way to spend your birthday than trying on some new clothes and taking drugs? After a short taxi ride to St Pauls, I was given my own room, a comfy bed and a lovely blue gown.  I was told it's all the rage to have a big gap down the back of your dress and as everyone else seemed to be going for it,  I thought 'why not? In for a penny, in for a .....dollar?'.  I love to experience new cultures and if this is what the Canadians do - being part Canadian myself - I felt it was only right to try it once! I got changed whilst wishing I'd done a better job of shaving my legs and had put bigger knickers on. I kept my socks on for a bit of colour and individuality and hopped on to the bed. I was just starting to feel good when the pain came back.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

2 years already?

2 years today I left the Ace Cafe in London. Celebrating with a short ride around Vancouver with a good friend of mine -...
Posted by Steph Jeavons on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Thursday, 17 March 2016

New Look Rhonda Revealed!

After so many faithful miles on the road I decided it was time to give Rhonda a make-over! I felt she deserved a bit of a spruce-up. There were also a couple of things I wanted to address. The external framework put on in Sumatra was now rusting and cracked. It was no longer giving any support. Since our crash in Colombia, my side bags had holes in them and were no longer waterproof. With my continued shoulder concerns and the wilderness of Alaska to face soon, I wanted to make her as lightweight as possible and to distribute  the remaining weight around the rest of the bike, putting less pressure on the tail. This would make manoeuvring and handling smoother. It will also give me a slim chance of being able to pick her up with just one good arm (hmmm!). It would take pressure off the subframe and of course give us a sexy new look for our next leg! With a bad shoulder and damaged cartilage in my hip, it was also time to address the positioning on the bike to see if we could reduce my reach and increase the seat support!

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Medical and Mechanical Make-overs!

Presentation in Bend
By the time I had made it to Corvallis I was experiencing a great deal of discomfort. My shoulder problem had been getting steadily worse to the point of constant and worsening pain. I could no longer raise my arm above shoulder height (in fact way below shoulder height) and if I accidentally moved it backwards or in 'the wrong way', I would find myself on the floor and screaming in agony. Sleep was difficult and broken. Riding was becoming more and more uncomfortable and the rest of my body complained as it tried to compensate and protect the damaged area. Slowing down or stopping was not an option as I had to make my presentations. Money had run out and my only chance of continuing was to keep to these events. It was put-up or go home time! Luckily my last two events (for now) were fairly close together (Bend and Hillsboro).They went very well and were good fun thanks to the people who organised them.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Forests, Fundraisers and Firearms!

The Nimble Collective
It has been an incredibly busy week and yet I have still had time to stop and smell the flowers - or in this case - look at the trees! One of the striking things about parts of California and Oregon is the abundance of trees! The Spanish Moss in parts is delightful to see. The silvery grey strands that dangle from each branch create a wonderfully spooky appeal. The only other place I have seen this is heading towards Ushuaia - the windswept and Southernmost tip of the Americas. The Redwood, of course, cannot be ignored. You must not miss the Avenue Of The Giants if you ever find yourself riding between Lakeport and Eureka. Get off the 101 and take the 254 around Myers Hill, rain or shine and...well.....enjoy the ride! The famous coastline is wonderful, but it's not the only treat in store for you if you choose to ride this part of the world.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

It's all about the people

I was vaguely aware of the smell of burgers as I rode along the coast and out of LA. I took note of the buildings around me and began to count the burger joints as I rode through at a very slow pace, stopping at each busy traffic light every few yards! There was Fat Burger, McDonalds x 4, In and Out and many more. Then of course there was the Mexican fast food joints - Pollo Loco, Taco Loco and so on. Its seems the Mexicans are all Loco in LA! On an empty stomach it was hard not to notice the smells, but I resisted and stopped at a 7/11 for a fruit smoothie instead! Here I stood and drank my beverage whilst watching a homeless guy fight with the shop owner over the bins! Fists were raised and threatened but none were thrown. Meanwhile the distant sound of a Harley remained constant. I will remember LA for the smell of burgers, the sound of Harleys and the wonderful diversity of its people!

Thursday, 18 February 2016

New toys!

I have to say, one of my biggest annoyances on the road is uncomfortable headphones or headphones moving when I put my helmet on!  I know what you're thinking - Life can't be that bad if that is one of your biggest annoyances! You're right! Life is not that bad but you know what I mean! You've been there! It IS annoying right?

Now my problem is solved thanks to this lovely smiling man! Meet Jay! Jay is the boss of Sena and Jay has kindly stepped in to provide me with a bluetooth system that will take away the need for headphones! Now I can listen to the radio, podcasts and music with no wires! Not only that but it comes with a built in camera AND and extra camera that I can mount on my bars. This means I can record while I'm riding and talk in to the helmet mic for clear comms! It's a whole new dimension for me and I'm pretty excited about it as you can tell!


Let's see how it goes over the next few weeks. I am still trying to figure out how to fit it all at the moment but you'll know once I get may just see me in ways you never thought possible before!! Thanks Sena, for the new toy. I look forward to giving it a thorough work-out!

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The show must go on...

Apologies for the lack of updates recently. My sister has just emailed and told me off for this very reason! Normal service will resume soon, but Rhonda and I have been extremely busy since arriving in the U.S. This update may shed some light on things.....

The border crossing was smooth! Too smooth. I ended up in the U.S. with no stamp for me and no paperwork for the bike. When I pointed out to the U.S. customs dude that I had not officially left Mexico, he just smiled and said 'You're in the U.S now. Not my problem!'
I have a Canadian passport (the British one is now full AND mouldy!)  so I'm not too worried about the stamp, but I think Rhonda may be an illegal immigrant! Let's hope Donald Trump doesn't get to hear about this!

Monday, 1 February 2016

You know you've made it to LA when.....

You know you've made it to LA when....

1. You stop at the lights and a 75 year old pulls up alongside you on his Harley, his wife on the back in an all in one leopard print (including ears on the helmet) and says 'Nice ride', winks and races off with a grin!

2. The usual begging signs are replaced with ones that say 'I bet you a dollar you'll read this sign'! (I loved that one!)

3. The supermarkets only stock family size packs of EVERYTHING. Single people have two choices - Waste food or get fat!

4. You develop and addiction for Twinkies

5. The side streets are the width of motorways

6. The dogs are better dressed and have more expensive hair cuts than you.

7. The neighbours all have golf buggies for those 'strolls' around the neighbourhood.

Friday, 29 January 2016

I made the AMH7!

I had to share this with you as I am pretty excited to be published in a book by Chris Scott and joined by names like Lois Pryce! Chris' books helped me when organising desert tours in Morocco back in the day when I had no idea what I was doing! O.K....I still don't but his knowledge in his Morocco Overland book was such a great help to me during those early adventure days. Now I am published in his world famous and much respected Adventure Motorcycling Handbook (7th Edition) which has been going since I was still on stabilisers (almost!). The book is out now. It is a must read if you are planning a trip on two wheels.

Thanks to Bike Trac for this graphic below and for their continued support. Can you believe this little bike has done all this with no mechanical failures? Amazing!

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Phase 3 - The American Dream?

Tomorrow I will be crossing the border from Mexico and entering California! This feels like Phase 3 of my journey. Phase one was 25,000 miles and 1 year through Europe, Asia and Australia. Phase 2 was 25,000 miles and another year through Latin America and of course Antarctica. Now Phase 3 takes me into North America where I will spend the next 9 months (perhaps!) riding up to Alaska and across Canada before shipping to the 7th continent - Africa.

Friday, 8 January 2016

Baja Humbug

Back in the desert
After our race out of the rapidly freezing mountains to the west coast, we found our mission to get to Baja in time for Christmas was still not quite over.  Our ferry was delayed several times due to bad weather. However, San Carlos was not a bad spot to be held up! A quiet little town that offered good food and a beautiful bay. We happily hung out there until we got word that we could board the ferry in Guaymas. It was 2 days before Christmas and we had done very little research on places to go in Baja. However, we were equipped with tent and lashings of optimism! Let the Christmas adventures begin!