Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Devil's Backbone and Copper Canyon

The sun fights against the icy wind for temperature control of the day as Shane and I battle with the long stretches of solid ice lurking on every shadowy corner. We are 9,000 feet up and the wind is winning! It's cold! We stop and look at each other with concern. How much worse is this going to get? The shadow cast by the mountain we are still climbing is ensuring the sun cannot get through to help clear our path. It was going to be a long day with many long stretches done at walking pace, with our feet out! There were no gritters up here and there were certainly no prizes for being a hero today - only a nice big mug of hot chocolate if we made it in one piece! We were on the long road out of the High Sierra Madra mountains.  Our mission was to get out before the weather got worse and the snow reigned supreme! We wanted to be in the warmer climates of Baja in time for Christmas! The thought of being snowed in up here was not something that appealed to us! 

Monday, 7 December 2015

Moving on up!

Mexico is proving to be as diverse in its experiences as it is in its weather! This generally makes for a good adventure!

Shane and I have now crossed Mexico from the Pacific coast to the Caribbean coast and back again. I must admit our planning has not been brilliant on this leg. We have missed many things and experienced many more by accident! Sometimes this is the best way. We have deliberately avoided ancient ruins as we have both had our fill of those lately (more so for me as South and Central America is full of them!) but we were lucky enough to come across the cave of swallows up near Aquismon. This place is a natural wonder. That night we set up camp amongst the trees near the entrance to the cave, which goes straight down for 1,900 feet from it's highest point. It's an attraction for base jumpers from all over the world, but this was not our reason for the visit. Long before people started jumping into the abyss millions of swallows found a home here.