Monday, 9 November 2015

Adventure Mexico

Having spent some time chilling at a nudist/hippy beach on the Pacific coast and some time shopping in the city of Oaxaca, I am ready to move on. After a few issues with my hands, wrist and shoulder, I went to see the Doc. He informed me I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as well as a few pulled tendons. Nothing that a bit of rest won't sort out!.........And so, this is my rough route over the next month (give or take a few off road sections where possible)! Let's face it, I don't have a riding buddy very often, so we have to make the most of it right?

Shane is now fully equipped with a Honda and some camping equipment. Rhonda has a new front tyre/chain and sprocket set and is good as new.  I have some anti inflammatories. We are ready to start moving North.

It will be interesting riding with someone else for a while. Shane too, is a solo rider and we are both a little nervous of sharing so much time with ANYONE after so long on the road alone! However, it does mean we can risk a few more wild camps, afford a couple more 'nice' hotel rooms (sharing the cost) and take on some potentially tougher routes with a little more confidence. It may well be nice to have back up - if only for a short time.

First we will cross the Sierra Madra mountain range from Oaxaca to Tuxtepec, where we hope to find a camping spot near the lake, just outside the city. From there we will move along the Caribbean coast for a while before heading back into the mountains and avoiding Mexico City (toooo many people!).

The route back to the Pacific coast and onwards to Baja, should take in some interesting sites including the Cave of Swallows, the Monarch Butterfly reserve (this is where millions of Monarch butterflies migrate to from Canada every year), Devils Backbone (a great biking road), Copper Canyon, and of course, the odd Volcano!

From Los Mochis, we will cross to Baja, and after 3 weeks we will turn, once more, in opposite directions.

I plan on crossing over into the U.S around mid January. I can't believe I'm nearly there!

......but don't hold me to any of this! :) Anything can, and invariably DOES happen! 


  1. Keep us posted Steph. I always wanted to ride the Baha. Have a safe, fun trip.

  2. There is a nice curvy road with beautifull views from mazatlan to durango. A local told me it was one of the best motorbike roads according a magazine. Maybe interesting too ��

  3. Brilliant!! Chilling on a beach sounds very attractive, a bit wet n windy back here in Wales. Loving the updates.

  4. You are my hero! Glad you have a riding buddy for a little while, have fun.....

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  6. I'm going to head to your blog habitually for some serious best and newest content.

  7. Holding my breath until your next update. I love adventure and what you're doing is in many folk's bucket list. Will be back here for your next update and until then... have fun!