Friday, 30 October 2015

Article in ADV Moto Magazine

It is a great feeling to see your words and pictures in print. It's AMAZING to see yourself on the front cover of magazine. I look at it and think 'Wow, is that me?' This article was written a few months ago now and reading it back reminds me of the amazing time I had on this part of the journey. A few have asked 'Why? What was the point?' You could ask the same of any adventure. We do it to see if we can. We do it to realise dreams and we do it for the challenge. Was it Mallory that said 'Because it's there'? I wouldn't dream of comparing myself to Mallory of course, but the sense of achievement that comes from facing fears and working hard on ANY project, is pure gold! For me, the sense of relief, knowing I never have to do it again -  is PRICELESS! :) 

Friday, 23 October 2015

Trails and Tribulations

Waiting to board the ferry - Photo by Chris Ihle
I have to tell you - I am completely freaked out by bees! It is a totally irrational phobia, for which, I blame my parents! They are the ones responsible for the bee hives in the garden during my otherwise pleasant existence as a child. I was regularly attacked by said (apparently innocent and harmless) honey bees, in totally unprovoked air strikes. I would be walking back from school, singing my merry little songs and they would just come at me as I came up the drive! Many blamed it on my pheromones a the time - suggesting there was something about them, that the bees took umbridge to. I didn't. I blamed my parents then too! :)

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Can you Belize it?

Rhonda on the coast
Belize may as well be on a different continent to the rest of Central America. As soon as you cross the border, everything changes.

Formerly know as British Honduras, Belize became a Crown Colony in 1862, and changed its name in 1973. Belize was given full independence from Great Britain in 1981. It still carries the Queen's Head on its coins today.

The mostly Afro- Caribbean descended population, speak with a Jamaican accent, and speak both English and Kriol (an English based language). It's a tiny country, with a big personality and a lot of history, which is clearly evident in its present culture.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Trying to Tikal the boxes!

The problem with Tikal is the wildlife! They are extremely inconsiderate when one is trying to sleep under canvas and, yes I’ll be honest, its quite scary when you’re not sure what’s making the noise in the dead of night and there is no one to hear you scream. OK so logically I know that monkeys will most likely stay in the trees and Jaguars and Pumas will probably want to keep their distance (I would have been lucky to see one). I know that the majority of spiders are harmless and the snakes too will only bother you if you scare them (which I had no intention of doing). I know too that murderous humans are rare and aliens are even rarer! Logic often runs away and hides in the nearest unobtainable crevice at these moments though, leaving space for Mr Irrational to waltz in and smugly hijack the empty stage! His patience paying off, having been waiting on the stand-in bench, rehearsing his lines, preparing for this moment - to shine once more.