Saturday, 4 July 2015

Sweet sorrow

My beautiful Granddaughter
I felt the swell of my legs and feet as I sat strapped in to the chair of torture. 300 people strapped down, crammed in next to each other in spaces no bigger than themselves. Cold air pumped in and recycled around them to keep them from going off and wardens ensuring all communications are promptly cut to the outside world! My back ached and my mind wondered as I endured another 18 hours of a KLM economy flight (apologies to BA for my last inaccurate report!)!  I'd choose a motorbike on a gravel track any day!

It was time to go home and "home" is where my bike is.

Catching up with good friends
Having said goodbye once more to my friends and family and taken one last look at my house (which
I hope will be sold soon), I packed my new knickers, threw out my old socks and set off for a new chapter of my journey. Some said it would be hard to leave but why should it be? My friends and family will always be just that, no matter where we are in the world.  As one such friend pointed out "You're more interesting when you're not here!" I felt I could come back at any time and carry on where we left off.  My friends will always keep my grounded and take the mic! Near or far I can count on them for that! My family have proved time and again that they will always support me and I had seen that they were all happy and enjoying life. I have no fear of leaving them.  I am very lucky.

The Honda riders
It was great to be part of the Honda crew and spoilt by their hospitality. However, one of my fondest memories whilst home was the simple pleasure of taking a ride up to the top of the Great Orme in Llandudno with one of my best friends, Warren, or Wozzy as he's known to his friends. We went up in the camper van with one of his many impulse buys (he's never been the same since we introduced him to internet shopping) - his telescope. It was 10.30pm and we set up on the warmest night I can remember in Wales, to take a closer look at the moon and the planets which promised to make good viewing that night. Up here we had 360 views with no one around but the Orme goats with their magnificent horns and long white coats. The moon was full, Jupiter and Venus shone and one illuminated mother ship shaped cloud hovered just above us, giving us the feeling that perhaps earth was about to be demolished to make way for a hyperspace bypass!

While we sat there drinking our coffee and talking about old and new times I looked around and realised how beautiful it was. Wozzy said "We could be anywhere in the world right now". I disagreed. "No' I said. "This is unique!"

The more I travel, the more beautiful these places become and the more I value special moments like this.

Me and the annoying Kiwi
Surprisingly one of the hardest people to say goodbye to was Shane. The "annoying Kiwi" as I like to call him, who had become my companion once more in Wales, despite believing I would never see him again when I left him in New Zealand. The uncertainty of our goodbye is what threw me. He was heading off back to his iron steed in Bulgaria and I was heading off back to mine in Peru. Separate missions in different parts of the world. Was this it this time or would the road throw us back together again some time in the future? Neither of us knew and that is what made it tough on us both. The commitment to my mission wavered as I asked myself why I was saying goodbye at all and yet I knew I had to go and finish what I had started. All I could do was hope his ride might bring him in my direction again at some point. I had come to realise that I actually liked him annoying me.

My next chapter will take me up in to Equador and then Colombia before shipping my bike over the Darian gap to Panama. I am armed with my new tent and a strict budget as always. It's more important than ever that I stick to this if I am going to make it through North America and Canada. Prices are going to rise here and I have winter to see out.

Rhonda has been serviced and her headlight fixed. We are ready for Central America but the question as always is.....Is Central America ready for us???

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Mum enjoying Champers at Goodwood. Well deserved!

Chui. Still as faithful as ever.

At the top of Snowdon

My son and his lovely family


  1. I can't wait to read the next part of your journey.

    I have to say I was a bit stunned to see you holding a grandchild. You look WAY too young to have a grandchild. You must have had your son when you were like 12 years

    Best wishes on the next part of your travels.

    1. Thank you. Looking forward to writing about it! Lets see what's around the next corner shall we? ; 0 )

    2. I agree, didn't think Steph was old enough to have a grandchild. BEst of luck Steph. Stay safe.

  2. Hello Stéph what do you think about rhonda after all many miles

  3. Hello Stéph what do you think about rhonda after all many miles