Thursday, 5 March 2015

25 February - Deception Island

Sitting on the boom to weight the boat
23rd February

Anchor watches required.  Came aground AGAIN Today! Had to climb the boom with Sally and Xavi to weight down one side of the boat as we tried to dislodge ourselves. This was becoming a habit.

24th February

After a lovely evening of wine and steak I went to bed with an episode of breaking bad (series 3 episode 10). It had been a great day of sailing and sunshine! This place really is magical with a bit of sunlight on it! The weather had broken for a brief spell and we made the most of our respite, sitting on deck, taking in the unbelievable scenery and watching out for Whales. We met a family of Orcas as well as the now common sightings of humpbacks.

Filming a Humpback Whale
I  squeezed myself in to my bunk as usual and snuggled in, lifting the lee cloth for just a tiny bit of privacy. I was just half an hour in when there was a sudden nudge to the boat and a slow grinding noise. It reminded me of Freddy cruger scraping his deadly nails over metal!  I looked out of my port hole and saw nothing but white.

Family of Orcas
“Ice berg!” I shouted as I reached for my newly bought wooly socks from Vernadsky and fell out of my bed. The others were up and we were all on deck within seconds. The berg was a big one and was pushing up against us with some force. As it slid along us we tried to push it away but there was no moving it. As it reached the aft it looked as if it was going to rip off the zodiac.  It JUST missed but then we all realised that the aft line was going to get in the way too. With the bow being held by the anchor and the aft being held by the rope, something was going to have to give as we were right in its path! I said - without thinking - that we should be prepared to cut the rope. Of course there was no need to cut the rope as it was attached to a winch which we could let out to allow the ice burg to flow over the top. Luckily there were more experienced people on board who pointed this out before I could reach for my Leatherman! All the time I tried to film but it was too dark!

We were safe from this particular ice berg but there could be more and they move quickly so we will have to be aware tonight. Be aware and be ready! I placed my wooly socks in a convenient location right next to my life jacket and go pro and went back to bed to finish episode 10 of breaking bad!

25th February

The crossing over towards Deception Island has been rough. I also believe the chances of us getting
from Enterprise Island to Deception Island in one day, as planned, was very slim. It seems to me it was a bad plan in the first place. Now we are sailing through unchartered waters, trying to find a safe place to moor for the night before dark sets in agan. We are sailing along the side of Trinity Island at the moment and keeping a close eye on the depth as we try to find some shelter. We have been sailing since 9am this morning and it is now 7.30pm. We are no more than half way to Deception! We would have had to double our speed to be in with a chance of sticking to the plan and the chances of that were pretty damn slim!

Ship wreck at Enterprise
The main reason for the detour, aside from the fact it was far too late to attempt anything else, was the fact that the dingy was still on the back (it had not been put away in the garage) and it was being battered by the waves. If we carried on we were going to lose it!

I decided to check on my biking
Our mooring site for the night
gear down in the hold. It was soaking wet all the way through and had clearly been sitting in salt water for some time. The kit is waterproof to a point but it wasnt designed for THAT much water.  The result was all my gear sopping wet. Luckily I had all my electrical stuff with me and my important paperwork. However, the rest of the paperwork is ruined and the worst of all is my Garmin. There is just no repairing it. It’s too late. My device along with all the maps and my previous routes are all gone.

It has been another wet and miserable day. My patience is waring thin and there is no space for privacy. I will be glad to get off the boat at this stage!


  1. :( .... hoping for a fairy-tale solution in the next post.... it's kind of scary reading the posts as they appear one by one... but at least you must have made it to a place where you can write and post!!! Jim r

  2. this was always going to be a venture into the unknown for all of with your journey so far, schedules do not always work out.the skipper will be doing the best he can. it`s just a case of keeping your chin up.another glass or two of wine might help lol. you are still on a journey of a life time that many of us wish we were brave enough to do. safe journey. xx