Sunday, 8 February 2015

Leaving Day!

Final preps are underway. The team are on board and the special guest (Rhonda the Honda) has been unceremoniously winched in to place and bagged up! I genuinely felt sorry for has we placed the black bag over her head and duck taped it in place.

I have removed the battery, taped up the air filter, oiled the chain and sprayed her all over with WD40 before wrapping her with cling film and taping her up with duct tape. Its not the perfect solution but I'm not sure there is one. No one has ever tried sailing a motorbike across the drake before and so the solutions are not readily on hand! Once we arrive we will wash her down and hope for the best.

We have 9 crew on board. 2 are official crew and the rest of us are learning as we go. This is going to
be a massive learning curve for most of us.

The weather is not looking great so we may be in for a the full Drake experience. However, we have a short voyage to Puerto Williams where we sign in to Chile before making our move in to open water. We will have to choose our moment according to the conditions and so this could take a couple of days if things are not looking good.

Cath, the skipper has a massive responsibility getting us ship shape and although we are all willing, we are also mostly new to this world. We are going to have to be on the ball and really listen well to our instructions. We are also going to have to learn to be VERY patient as we squeeze around each other and share a very small space!

We will take it in turns to keep watch and do general chores. The rota system is going to have to flexible enough to allow for sea sickness and other issues that may arise.

I am feeling good and looking forward to the ride!!!

Bring on the Drake.

I may have access to satelite internet while I am away and if so I will do my best to update you as I go. Otherwise it will be 3 weeks before my next update.

This was a slightly rushed blog so excuse the layout and any obvious mistakes!


  1. Been reading about your adventures since you set off. Just wanted to wish you Bon Voyage - you've certainly chosen an extreme introduction to sailing! Best wishes,
    Angela A

  2. Have a safe journey and fair seas. Keep the stories coming. Thanks. Kevin W

  3. Just watched your arrival in Antarctica vid.
    Looks like an emotional day.
    Good on ya girl you made it.