Saturday, 10 January 2015

When Kookaburras kick off!

What a beautiful sound! That is one of the things that makes them special in my opinion. That and the fact that they are really really cute!

I'd like to tell you I was in a remote location somewhere in the bush,  Leatherman in hand  preparing that evenings dinner of grilled python and Turkey Rhubarb.  In reality I was sat on the veranda at my second cousins house somewhere in the suburb of Sydney.

There were three of them in all. I heard them before I saw them. 3 Kookaburras laughing in the tree above me. I've seen a few since I got here but I've never heard them laugh. I didn't know they did! If you haven't heard the sound then check it out on Youtube. When you hear more than one you understand why the collective noun is " A RIOT of kookaburras". It was a lovely sound. Perhaps because it was my first time hearing it. Perhaps because there is something special about these birds.

This moment more than made up for the fact that I had missed my chance to be interviewed by Channel 7 in front of Sydney Opera House earlier that day.

The studio called me at 6.10am and confirmed that I was axed due to the coverage of the French siege. They had emailed me late the night before to warn me it may happen. At 6am I really didn't mind and went back to sleep. Later though I felt a little sad to realise a moment missed and the reasons why.

I decided to go and meet Nathan and his dad instead! I hate to use the phrase"Facebook friends" but I guess that's what we were and no doubt we've both been called worse!

Nathan has been following my trip since I left and we have shared a few giggles (and likes) together
along the way. It was a real pleasure to meet them both. What lovely characters. We chatted easily for a couple of hours over Cappuccino (yes I'm still loving the coffee!) and shared stories before heading home. That's how I found myself to be sitting on the veranda at my second cousins house. The afternoon to myself and enjoying the cool breeze.

That is when I heard them! Top moment of 2015 so far!

On Monday I pack Rhonda off to Buenos Aires and then fly to New Zealand for some "alone time" before joining her again in BA after the weekend.

Australia has flown by and it seems a shame to leave so soon but time is ticking. I can't miss that boat from Ushuaia in 4 weeks.

Antarctica waits for no Honda!

My concerns now are of the safety of the bike whilst at sea. I worry we wont protect her enough and the salty air gets to her. It's going to be a rough crossing and she is going to be strapped to the bow of the Ice Bird so she may be in for a battering. I must admit my second biggest fear is crossing the Drake Passage in such a small vessel in the first place!

It's not something I take lightly. I'm not fond of the sea! I was intended to be on dry land but  I have to get there somehow and once we have crossed it should be beautifully calm along the peninsula! Calm and magical.

Here we go again. Continent No.4 AND 5 on the way!

Sending love to my Muslim friends today who have always shown me such kindness and friendship xxx



  1. Hi Steph, happy new year still following your adventures. Disappointed you didn't get to the Oz v India test match cricket. All the best U kev.

    1. I saw some of it on the telly Uncle Kev. Does that count? Guess not!

      Happy New Year. x

  2. Still not jealous of your trip....much ;)

    Can't wait to read the next instalment.

  3. Love your well written updates. it's ALMOST like being there. It makes my ride over the mountains to Palm Springs yesterday look like a day in the park.

  4. Happy New Year Steph' ... thanks for your continued updates and more specially for the recent Australian posts. I'm hoping to get back to that sunburnt country, for more overland travels in a year or two's time. Meanwhile the very best of luck for the next leg of your journey to S. America and Antarctic. Looking forward to future postings ... regards Lenzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. Wow, an other continent 'in da pocket'. Enjoying your stories & pics, you rock Steph :-) !