Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Koh Tao Welcome

This spider is for display purposes only!
I leapt backwards whilst a little yelp (not unlike a small puppy who had just learnt not to get under your feet) escaped my lips before I could collect myself enough to stop it! The site of the Huntsman spider who had decided to join me in the shower had not been enough to release this involuntary noise. However, as I tried to scare it off by spraying a bit of water next to it, I had not expected the sheer olympic speed at which it would react and dart around the walls of our shared confined space in a panic stricken dash to escape! "These spiders are fast" I thought as I hurled myself out of the nearest (and only) exit in not too dissimilar a fashion as the spider!

"Is that a spider?" shouted Kerry from the next room. Slightly embarrassed for my reaction I replied "Yes. ITS MASSIVE. AND ITS REALLY FAST!" feeling the need to justify my reaction! "Ha ha! That will be a Huntsman" came the helpful reply!

A welcoming old friend.
I made my way back in armed with a brush this time. Worse than seeing a spider is not seeing a spider when you know it's there! Then I spotted a leg sticking out from behind the mirror. I had found it's hiding place and I now had the advantage. This was good. I would leave it there and keep an eye on that leg as I finished my daily human ritual. Everyone's happy.

As I poured the conditioner on my head and began to relax, the spider darted out, swiftly followed by a large gecko who had clearly been very pleased to have it's lunch delivered. "OH FOR..........crying out loud!!" I said tailing off as I gave up and decided to let the gecko deal with it. The last I saw of them, they were heading for the toilet cubicle on the other side of the wall. "Fast food" I thought as I rinsed my hair and made as dignified an exit as I could. Welcome to Koh Tao!
Rhonda on holiday

It's now been a week since I caught the night boat over to the Island and the dream became a reality as I got to Kerry's bar (The Earth House) and ordered my first beer. Kerry had slept in and missed my grand entrance off the boat! As she came racing down to greet me my first words after 3 years of missing her were "So I ride 16,000 miles to see you and this is the welcome I get!!!" We giggled and hugged like old times and headed for her bar and an early morning beer! This was not a day to wait for the sun to catch up with the yard arm! It was 6am and rules did not apply to us today.

Kerry has lived on this small Island for 11 years now and it is 3 years since her last visit home so we have spent our time catching up, taking early morning swims in the bluest of seas and riding around 2 up on her little step through as Rhonda takes a well earned break in a shady spot under the tree just outside The Earth House.

We have both earned a good old rest and - for another week - we are doing just that!

Our next leg will see some challenging logistics as we face the unpredictable transportation between
The Earth House
the Islands of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Until then we will Dive (more to come on that later), we will eat and we will be merry!


  1. good to see that you are enjoying yourself. I promise to have a huntsman in the bathroom when you stop in on your way around Oz. lol. Ogi Bear

  2. I've just checked the bathroom, and your room. None of the spiders found here are in either room. ☺

  3. Ha ha! Thanks guys! Looked at first picture of that article Simon and closed it again!!! Ignorance is bliss!!