Saturday, 23 August 2014

Bikers paradise?

So why have so many bikers moved to Northern Thailand? If you have to ask the question you have never been to Northern Thailand!

If the rich culture, the weather and the twisty roads aren't enough to tempt you then let's not forget the stunning countryside, miles of trails and of course the beautiful women!  Some of them have even taken to riding bikes! I know it's amazing (yes you did detect a little sarcasm).  Personally I am not looking (you know me!) but it's hard not to spot the odd dishy young man on a bike too. One of whom recognised me (well probably Rhonda) at the noodle stop yesterday on route to Chiang Rai. He decided to stop and join us for the rest of the ride. Don't mind if you do!

Tempted by all this and the ease of living here, it is hardly surprising that European and Ozzy bikers
have come in their droves to areas like Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Lucky for me because thanks to forums like I have been fortunate enough to stay and ride with many of them. It seems any rider who finds themselves travelling through gets the same treatment from this friendly bunch. Welcome mats out, riders on hand to show you the best trails and a cold beer on the bar at Riders Corner, Chiang Mai. There was even space for Rhonda in the bar!

It has been a real pleasure over the last week to stay with riders like Sergio (and his beautiful girlfriend) in Pai, an Italian CRF250L rider, who put me up in his bungalow, situated in the middle of the tranquil rice fields, not to mention Phil (also a CRF rider) and Son (his beautiful
wife) at Riders corner and of course to have the pleasure of riding with the Ulesseys bike club before heading off with Bob (yet another CRF rider), a Brit living in Chiang Rai, who came to meet me and show me a great route back to his place where he (and yes you've guessed it - his beautiful girlfriend)  are now putting me up for a few days before I head to Laos.

Rhonda has stopped knocking and is now running like a dream again! Strange but true. I have had the chain and sprocket replaced, once again courtesy of AP Honda and carried out by Big Wing Honda, Chiang Mai. I had the same chain and sprocket from new so it had actually done 15,000 miles and so we decided it was worth changing
before heading in to Laos and Cambodia.

I have a new back tyre on order (My Metzler Sahara lasted 8,000 miles). My seat is now in the hands of a local upholsterer, who is going to widen it at the back and in the meantime I am going to indulge in some site seeing as well as a visit to a local elephant sanctuary to see if I can't get a bath with them! Make of that what you will!

Man it's tough on the road!

From Chiag Rai I will head to Nan and then cross the border to my 17th country, Laos.

Thanks to all those who have contributed to the challenge of getting my bike across to Antarctica. We have now reached over 20% of the total required.

Please CLICK HERE to go to fundraising page.

20% of all money raised for the expedition across the Drake Passage with go to

I hope you are enjoying the ride!


  1. Another great read, as always Steph. Loving the updates :)

  2. Love to read the updates, so look very close Vietnam, we welcome you to come have riding here,the best time the year of North from October to the end of November, with nice weather, beautiful country with rice harvest,

    1. Thanks Cuong but I don't think I can get my bike across the border.

  3. Great writing! Constantly inspiring to start with planning my new route.

    1. Thanks Andrew. Good luck with the route.

  4. Steph,

    I visited Chaing Mai in the early 1990's and it is a beautiful place and the people were very friendly. I wasn't riding at the time so I don't know what it was like then but can only imagine it is similar to what you're experiencing now. Sounds like you're having a blast. Enjoy! Safe travels to you.


    Live Free. Ride Hard. Be Happy

    1. Certainly having fun! : 0 ) Thanks Curt x

  5. Hi Steph,

    Solo going the other way around here. Currently in Oz doing a big lap, so I should still be here when you come through.

    If you fancy a beer to talk about tyre wear drop me a note on the contact page here


    1. Hi Jeremy. Sounds good to me. See you in Oz! Keep in touch xx

  6. Hi Steph

    Glad your still safe and well, keep going!