Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Get me to the Drake on time

Hi guys
Please check out the link and get yourself a funky new t-shirt or hoodie..

This T shirt has been designed by Paul Tomlinson. A biker and all round nice guy who I met at Bikers Cafe in Dubai.

The money raised with go towards funding the Antarctica leg and 20% of all profits will be donated to Rally4Life. A wonderful charity which funds safe water projects in Africa and a charity that the One Steph Beyond Project is proud to support. 

As you know I am aiming to get Rhonda on to all 7 continents in one uninterrupted solo journey over 18 months or so. Antarctica is the continent that has eluded most bikers in their quest to reach all 7. The hard part is done and we have now been granted permission so we will attempt to SAIL across the infamous Drake Passage with the motorbike strapped to the bow of an an Australian owed Vessel called the IceBird. There will be no large vessels for us and I will become part of the crew of this small sailing yacht as we attempt to cross this rough body of water between Cape Horn and Antarctica. 

Icebird is ideally suited to expeditions in Antarctica with a re-inforced aluminium construction as well as a hydraulically operated lifting keep which can reduce her draft and allow access to safe shallow anchorages out of the path of drifting ice.
After spending a year searching for a crew who would take on this expedition, I finally came across Cath and Darrel ( An Australian couple who have been treading these waters for years and who know their stuff. They have run expeditions over to Antarctica with film crews and extreme climbers in the past and being true adventurers, they jumped at the chance to do something a little different. Darrel is also a keen biker and so how could they refuse! I am extremely grateful for their support and look forward to joining their crew in 6 months time (and no...I don't have any sailing experience! These guys have their work cut out to get me "ship" shape!!)

We have a small weather window to get across and so Rhonda and I have to make it to Ushuaia, South America,  by the end of January in order to be in with a chance of success!Wish us luck and please share. We have a long way to go.Thanks you.Lots of LoveSteph and Rhondaxx

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  1. Whatever you do, don't get drunk and suggest a spot of skinny dipping !! ;)