Thursday, 17 April 2014

Carpe Diem

As I sit overlooking the busy Bosphorus Straits which connect the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara and tuck in to the best Kofta Kebab I have ever tasted without being drunk, I find myself slipping in to contemplation mode (ok so you cant say I didn't warn you!).

I realised how lucky I am. Many a time I have preached that there is no such thing as luck.

"You make your own luck. Good or bad. It is a matter of choice". And while I may be able to sit here and be proud that I have (in the words of Adele) thrown my soul through every open door (on some occasions I have beaten a hole through the wall with my head!), there are factors in life that perhaps cannot be changed for some people. The cards we are dealt can be manipulated for sure but some circumstances just won't give.

It wasn't just the sheer deliciousness of the Kebab that had got me thinking. It had started on my walk home from the Iranian Embassy. I estimated a two hour walk back to my hotel with 2 "Cha" stops on the way. I had the river for direction and it was a beautiful day so off I pottered.

I met quite a few beggars on route but decided to share my daily budget with a guy on the bridge who had one good arm and one stump that, well, didn't look like it had been a clean removal! I don't know what his story was. If I could have spoken Turkish I would have sat and chatted for a while and found out but I couldn't so I just gave him the money, smiled and walked on.

This brief encounter helped me to realise that not everyone can do this as I have been preaching! Perhaps that was a little arrogant. There are always exceptions. This man was probably one of them. Who knows! Maybe not! How the hell would I know what circumstances led him to this point in his life. Who am I to judge anyway. It just made me think! That's all!

I am lucky.

I was born with a good hand. Granted, I have always chosen the off road route as appose to the smooth tarmac. Most of my "bad luck" to date, has been brought on by my own stupid decisions, unlike some, therefore not really bad luck at all.

My life has been a direct result of my choices. However, these decisions have taught me a lot and fear of failure becomes obsolete once you realise that there is always a rebound opportunity as long as you allow yourself to bounce. That's what life is all about. There is no shame in failing. The trick is not to stagnate on the bottom or worse still, not to try at all.

I find flailing your arms a lot and shouting generally works for me! : 0 ) The point is, I am lucky to have had choices in the first place and I am on a mission not to waste a single one.

I have worked hard. No one can take that away from me, but I am most definitely ONE LUCKY GIRL!

Adele had it bang on as did Horace! With that thought I seized the kebab and threw it through my open mouth!  It was indeed, a great Kebab!

On that note: 
Rally4Life may not be a charity that is based in your country but they choose their projects wisely and every penny makes a difference. Their projects are based in many countries that don't give their citizens the safety net that most of us take for granted.

Donating a fiver or a tenner would make a real difference....

If you prefer not to fill out the online form, please feel free to use my paypal and state that you would like the money to go to the charity. I will do the form filling and you will see the donation going on via the link above within 24 hours.


Thanks guys.


  1. What a great Blog Steph - and now I want a kebab!!

  2. Yeah, got me feeling kebabish too .... Brings forward some great prose does a good kebab ... coupled with the lovely view of the Bosphorus Straits and the knowledge you're a good way on the journey, doing great Steph ... Good luck with the rest of it ... Stay safe lass . xxx

  3. Great going Steph!! Ride on! Ride safe!!

  4. More photos please!

  5. Driving alone often causes that we start to see a different perspective on many issues which leads us to a deeper reflection on what is good and what is bad.

  6. Mark Gutteridge (Sundance)18 April 2014 at 09:36

    Still with you.....Brilliant.

  7. Just finished catching up on the blogs and your progress. What an amazing adventure you have embarked upon! Certainly makes me want to extend my 4 day trip on my Harley by about 4 months!!! Looking forward to reading and watching your updates. Good luck and stay safe!

  8. Love how you're enjoying all the experiences so far. Keep it up :)

  9. I am lucky also, lucky to have a family,health, house, job, bike, cars, food to eat. We take so much for granted and by writing your thoughts it lets us look at ourselves even for a moment to reflect on the positive things we have and not to always be chasing what we want. Good luck and safe riding.

  10. Hi Steph, That didn't take too long. You're starting to see the world from a different point of view to most who are tucked up safe and sound at home. I have a feeling the focus of your trip will now change and you will really enjoy your experience even more now. I'm looking forward to seeing you in Perth. ☺

  11. Steph a biker mate of mine sent me a link to your journey. Loads of reasons why I am interested. One I live in Cardiff and two I have just bought a brand new CRF250M. I have returned to biking after 20 years with my wifes encouragement. I am using the bike to commute to work. Next weekend I am planning a trip to Birmingham I am staying off the motorway. Your blog is brilliant and I would like to hear more about the bike and how your coping with any problems. Keep safe. Travis

    1. Hey Travis. Glad you're enjoying the new bike. More info on how the bike is doing etc on its way xxx