Thursday, 13 March 2014

The final preps

The final preps are happening now. I've even got down to the final items on the shopping list (toothpaste, Imodium!!) and I am beginning to get that dreaded feeling of forgetting something really important!

My X-lite helmet has been getting a make over and it should be back in the next few days courtesy of the guys at

I can't wait to see the final results. Phil puts a lot of work in to personalise your helmet. You can send your own design in or just ask him to do something funky!! I'm rubbish with design but between us we came up with something. I think I'm going to look like a super hero! Sadly in helmet only. No cape or super powers for me. More like Pinky and Brains...
"What are we going to do tonight Brains?"
"Same thing we do every night Pinky! Try to take over the World!!"

Colwyn Bay Motorcycles and my dad have been helping me put the final touches to Rhonda. I spent
the morning with Gary in the workshop giving her a service and going through some general maintenance. It is a very low maintenance bike though so as long as I look after her we should be OK. We also fitted a spare clutch cable to the existing one just in case.

I then took Rhonda to my dads who worked on fitting the Bike Trac and the new top box from Zen Overland which will work really well with my Kriega luggage. I now have lockable/removable top box, soft side panniers and a tank bag.

The topbox also has a 12v plug inside which will help. We then had a go at lowering the bike so I could fit my Airhawk seat and still touch the ground.  We drilled a hole in the shock and it gave me an extra 2.5 inches believe it or not! However, I then worried about the ground clearance and decided to raise it again. We are still tinkering with that one after the first test ride proved a few more adjustments were required. We'll get there.
I have now changed the tyres to Metzler enduro's and Dad has put a bigger foot on my side stand. I think we are pretty much good to go. All in all she has had very little changes made.
1. Bash plate
2. Hand guards
3. Lowered slightly
4. Spare clutch cable
5. 12 litre tank
6. Smaller front sprocket
7. Heated grips
8. Bigger foot!

This weekend has been time to say goodbye to some friends and so we had a little party to get everyone together. Of course it got a little messy and went on far too long but you have to expect that from my lot in Wales!! It's how they role!! : 0 )

Thanks to those who came by and thanks to Tom, Wozzy, Angie and Huw who made a special effort. The band were brill!! Check them out on Facebook - Queen Beats Jack 

Next stop - the Ace Cafe!! 1pm 23rd March (next *****!!!!! week)

I'll try and do  one final blog before I leave and then I will be on the road and reporting 
back as often as I can. Hopefully with some stories of sunshine and twisties that just go 
on forever just like uncle travelling Mac (hopefully without the tash!). First stop after the 
ride out from the Ace will be Folkestone and then and early start over to France and a 
ride in to Belgium for about 250Ks before setting up first camp! Damn this is exciting!! 
(and a little bit scary!) : 0 ) 


  1. Hey best of luck, Steph. That 13 tooth countershaft sprocket is a blessing on this bike. Many CRF250L riders have broken their subframe when loaded for a long trip. The Subframe is very weak (not meant for adventure riding loads). Maybe have a close look and weld up a bit of bracing to prevent a problem on the road. It is an issue. And, if you need a place to kip and rest up in Kelowna B.C. when you pass through, just me know.

    1. Thanks JR. Yes the change of sprocket has made a big difference. Thanks for the advice on the subframe. Kelowna is pretty much on route so may well see you in 2015!!! ; 0 ) Thanks.

  2. See you on the 23rd with your stickers and secure packaging x

  3. Hey Steph, it's interesting what you have done with a spare clutch cable. Do you have both cables connected or did you merely route the 2nd one so all you have to do is connect it if the first one fails? Good luck. Maybe bump into you at the Ace.

  4. Hi Nick. Just routed it so its ready if I need it. xx