Monday, 31 March 2014

Poland Rocks!

I knew I would like Ulka! Having checked out her Facebook profile I could tell we had a lot in common. Horses and motorbikes being the two most obvious. I was not wrong. Ulka was my host in Krakow and she certainly knows how to host! Within hours of arriving she had me fed and watered and over to meet her horse (don't ask me to pronounce the name! I had trouble with Polish names). What a place! We had a lovely time at the stables and then shared a few beers back at her apartment before an early night ready for a ride out the next day that she had organised for me with some of the lads, nearly all of them riding MTs.

 It was great to strip Rhonda of her luggage and check out some of the roads and sites around Krakow and a perfect day for it too. Filtering is a big no no in some countries these days, especially in most parts of the US. Not so in Poland, and we made the most of it, working our way between the traffic to hit the centre and check out the Wawel castle which sits on the Vistula river, before heading back out in to the country for a blast along some twisties.

Later we dumped the bikes and headed back to the centre for a few beers! Krakow is also stunning by night. It is one of the
largest and oldest cities in Poland and the medieval buildings are big and extravagant. It really does have a great feel to it. I will go back for sure and stay longer next time.

This morning I loaded Rhonda up again and headed out with Ulka accompanying me for a few miles before heading back. We said our goodbyes and I continued, once more alone, to Slovakia. My plan to stay one night in Banska Stiavnica. However, on arrival in this beautiful cobbled town set in a stunning green valley, I knew it would a longer stay!

The roads today were nice, although at times I was sandwiched between lorries. Rhonda was also hit by a lorry in the garage where I had parked up for a break. I couldn't believe she didn't fall over at least but the only scar was yellow paint from said lorry, on my hand guards! A lucky escape! Otherwise a really nice biking road through the mountains.

I was greeted by Marek, who came out on his Vespa to meet me and take me to a hostel at the top of the hill with the best view of the valley. After helping me unload and find a stable place to park Rhonda, Marek tells me I am here as his guest and not to worry. I am stunned and thanked him profusely. Tonight I will meet him and some of his friends for a beer and tomorrow I will have some time to chill and check out the place with my camera in hand.

Read more about Banka Sniavnica here

Rhonda has once again brought me to a stunning place and a place I never would have known about had I been flying to my destinations.

So the first week is over and Rhonda had been great so far. I can't even complain about the seat! Everything is in good working order after 1800 miles and yes dad, I have oiled the chain!

Check out the route so far

....and dont forget to check out the video diaries (see tab to the left).


  1. I'm enjoying reading about your travel. Keep up the good work.

  2. Itinerary riding, weather look fantastic Steph!


    Hi Steph your link to Banska Stiavnica is incorrect, i believe that this is the linkabove.


  4. Hi Steph. Chui thought that you were having all the fun so decided to walk up Cader Idris today. She dragged me along too. Mum x[/IMG][/URL]

    1. Glad to see she's enjoying herself. Thanks mum xx

  5. Meant to put this one on too! Mum x

  6. Following you from Spain and enjoying your epic journey so much!!!
    Thanks a lot for telling us your adventure!!!!

  7. So glad all is going ok and you are enjoying it all. Hope all your future hosts are as wonderful as the ones so far.

  8. Love being an armchair traveller Steph, your blogs are a great read. You're on the front page of Honda's website too, more fame for Rhonda and you. Glad she is performing so well, and happy travels for week two xx (Sorry to miss your send off, I had to go ski…)

  9. Hi Steph,delighted to make direct contact with you from Viet Nam-my good friend Peter Wallis introduced me to your Adventure which i am now following and hopefully we may meet( insert your mobile number) up when you reach my country.

  10. Best wishes from Poland! :)

  11. Good Luck ! Thinking of same Journey. I wonder how / what ferry you arranged to get from Timor to AU ? (Darwin I suppose )