Saturday, 8 February 2014

6 week countdown

Just 6 weeks to go and it is getting rather surreal I must admit!

You have to be a jack of all trades to do this on a budget...

Here are just a few of the things I have had to get my head around....

Setting up Punkt Video Diary Map - This will use the GPS in my phone to map where I have taken the video and will allow people to see where I have been and also locate "that road" that you just can't miss out on having seen it featured in the report. You will be able to follow from a link on the blog or from the Redmoto Adventures site. Here is the link for now

Preparing for London Show - I've been invited to talk on the adventure stage the the MCN London Motorcycle Show.
This is exciting but also pretty scary! It also requires a fair amount of prep but I am getting there and determined to enjoy these opportunities whilst they're here. I'm honoured to be joining some of the big names in adventure biking like Austin Vince and Nick Sanders.

Getting the graphics sorted on Rhonda - Still not sorted but she has her dress, she just needs a hand putting it on after a slight hiccup with the first attempt!

Being interviewed on BBC Radio Wales - Good fun. Got the old pulse racing a few mins before going live but we got through all ten minutes without any serious disasters.

Sorting Visas - Not much fun but not that complicated either.

Looking for more sponsors - Lost a big sponsor that I really thought was coming on board. Not sure what happened there but you could hear the brakes screeching as they did a handbrake turn on me! These things happen. Made the budget extremely tight now but this was always going to be a challenge and nothing is ever taken as a given until it's in the bank!

Research on new section of route - Certain recent events have forced me to change my route so now I will enter India via UAE and not Pakistan...

Filming on Black Rock Sands - Video for Dream. Should have a copy soon!

Buying more gear and dumping some of old stuff- I have invested in an Airhawk seat to save my butt (if only it were always that easy)! I now also have a mini Compressor and a dictaphone!

Regular visits to Spine Clinic - Small steps to improvement and lots of stretches to do every day to make sure I am as strong as I can be.

Bulking up - Eating lots of cheesecake!

Moving last stuff out of house - Small box marked "things to keep" has now become small room in parents house marked "Steph's room - enter at own risk"

Preparing RedMoto Adventures ready for take off day - My small company which will soon be an empire and will take over the world..... Mmwwahhhhhhh!!!

Oh and Walking the dog, getting drunk, eating a cheescake that made me sick for 2 days, updating Facebook, watching Ross Kemp and vowing never to go to Papa New Guinea and avoiding Horror films at ALL COSTS!!

Right what's next on the list.......


  1. The very best of luck from Rupert & Fanny. You are going to have an awesome time. If you pass by Hong Kong come and say Hi. Also have a look at our website at for inspiration -- if indeed you need any. Sure you're all sorted

  2. this is something I always wanted to do.good for you . I'll try come cyou off.