Sunday, 23 February 2014

4 weeks and counting

Ok it seems appropriate to start this week with a big sigh of relief!

The London show was well worth the effort but I must admit it's good to get my stage appearances out of the way! I found the week before a little wobbly to say the least!

It did give me the opportunity to catch up with some of the old timers in the adventure zone though and they were so supportive that it got me back on my feet. Of course the odd hint of self doubt and anxiety is normal! We all feel it before any big event and the trick is to accept it at part of the process rather than question sanity! There is plenty of helmet time for that! No doubt there will be more emotions but next time I will put out the welcome matt and invite them in with a smile on my face! I AM human after all! : 0 )

Anyway the talks are out of the way and they went well overall. I chatted with Nick Sanders on stage, Austin Vince gave me a half hour lesson in amateur film making and Sam Manicom gave me a tenner, told me that when the moment hits where I say "This is what it's all about. This is why I went to all the effort" (perhaps a view or a setting), I must take that tenner, buy myself a beer and send him a picture! What a lovely bunch of adventurers they are!

This week I feel strong and empowered again. Particularly after my 2 days with my good friend Tony and his wife Liz in the sticks of Mid Wales. We spent time stripping Rhonda down, changing tyres, running through troubleshooting scenarios and tackling general maintenance. Rhonda was the perfect patient and Liz kept us well fed while we tinkered! Thanks guys. What a difference your time and patience has made.

I've ordered a top box from Zen overland this week too. I have been trying to get any concerns out of
the way and security was one of them. I have decided to go for the best of both worlds and have soft panniers with a lockable, quick release top box. The top box also has a charger built in so I will never be caught out with dead batteries as I can charge as I ride.

4 weeks to go and I am so excited! Just a few more bits to do to keep me busy including a weekend with the ex British Commando's at Nomad Bikers coming up who are going to run through some survival skills amongst other things and a couple of farewell parties with friends and family!!

Wohooo! Party!!!

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  1. Hey Steph your are a siper woman and your passion for bikes is applaudable. I love reading your blog and just can not stop myself from admiring your courage.