Sunday, 5 January 2014

Getting high on the white stuff!

Having suffered for the last two months with a recurring back injury I have had to give up on my running and do a little gentle walking and swimming instead. Yesterday I decided to push a little more and go for a gentle stroll in the mountains of Snowdonia. One of my favourite  places in the world.

My big mistake was to meet up with a couple of friends for breakfast before I left.  They were also going to do a walk in the hills so I decided to join them for part of the way and turn back when I felt my back struggling. Build up gently. That was the plan.  How naive am I?? My friends do not let me just stop and turn back! How many times have they got me with that one? " Come for a drink Steph. We're only having the ONE pint"! A short walk in the hills became climbing Snowdon to the snow covered summit. 
Actually it was great fun but I'm no mountaineer and there are always sections that make me nervous
when it comes to heights. The bit where I felt myself sliding on the compacted snow down the path towards the edge and certain death was one of them yesterday. "My kingdom for a pair of crampons" would have been my last words should I not have found some grip in the form of one of said friends. It can't have been as bad as it felt to me, as the boys were laughing at me as I desperately clung to life, my dog, Chui, skipping around, finding it all very amusing too.  So much support! It's was heartwarming! 

Needless to say we made it down in one piece before dark and celebrated with a larger shandy (oh how my life has changed!) before heading
home and getting straight in to a nice hot bath! Even "she who cannot be worn out" (Chui) was straight in her basket and asleep in seconds. 

Moral to this story is? If you're friends ask you if you want to get high on the white stuff, say no boys and girls. It's not worth the come down! Not unless you have a sledge!

Great day guys! Thanks for your company.


  1. Hey stepth was a great way to start off the new year on a high and good company to top it off.. mucho respect sweetheart x YEEHA!!!