Monday, 23 December 2013

The Rhonda returns!

A happy ending for once! By lovely bike was stolen last night. I could not believe it this morning! I was heartbroken. All I could do was set about spreading the word in the vain hope that someone would see or hear something but I was convinced she had gone for good. All that hard work and effort and good will to get this far and some little git (lets keep it clean) decides he wants her.

Thanks to my son who acted so quickly today and set out in the pouring rain on foot to start searching the local woods and footpaths. He said if she was hidden we didn't have much time to get her back. I told him it was long gone in the back of a transit and would be stripped by now but he was determined to try. I'm so glad he did.

When he called me, out of breath, and he said those words "Mum I've got your bike. I've found her" I just could not believe my ears. I ran out in to the rain and set off to meet him walking back pushing Rhonda! He was soaked through and tired from pushing her up hill but a hero for sure!
She needs some repairs as they caused a bit of damage getting the steering lock off and trying ( but failing miserably! ha ha!!) to hot wire her but nothing that cannot be fixed. I'm just so happy to be reunited. You wouldn't believe!! It's been emotional! : 0 )

As my son said today "For every sinner there is a saint" and I am just stunned at how quickly people acted today to spread the word. Love it or loathe it, Facebook is a great tool for spreading the word. The news spread, not just to every corner of the country but to countries all over the world as well! All thanks to people caring enough to act on what they read. People I have never met must have spent a good portion of their morning sharing that status and then going back to update people on the good news. Amazing. I cannot thank them enough. I think balance is well and truly restored and as I sit down this evening with my glass of wine, doing my final wrapping I can smile, safe in the knowledge that next year is going to be OK thanks to the support of family, fellow bikers and friends all over the world who have my back!

No left overs for the dogs this Christmas who have once again proved their worth and slept through the whole bloody episode! Nice once Chui and Josh!!! It's lucky we love you!!


  1. That's excellent news, things usually turm out okay in the end.

  2. I just picked up a Disc Lock from Oxford (called a Screamer). Can fit in the palm of your hand, warns you (or the burglar) if its tampered with. I like this because if I forget to take it off, I get a warn before riding away. Further tampering sets off the alarm... plus it's still bolt through your brake disc.

    I'm in the process of prepping for my solo moto adventure. If you're interested in looking through my gear list head over to and check the Farkles and Wolfe Pack Lists.

  3. Thanks. I will take a look. Much appreciated! Unfortunatly the Screamer is what I had on the bike. It was too sensitive and kept going off in the slightest breeze and so it was not switched on. Just used as a lock. It was clearly broken off easily.