Monday, 2 December 2013

Ace Cafe - London send off

The Ace cafe has seen some motorcycle history in it's time having seen in the the birth of Rock N Roll and being the place for rockers to meet, arrange runs or just fix their bikes! Bikers came to listen to the jukebox long before RNR was played on the radio!

From this fusion of music and motorbikes came the legend of Record Racing. Drop the coin in the slot and race to a given point before the record finished playing!

The Ace cafe, with its combination of Motorbikes, speed and Rock N Roll became the launchpad for many famous racers and the birthplace for many bands.

On the 23rd March 2014 it will become the launchpad for my RTW trip and I can guarantee you that I will have some Rock N Roll playing on my iplayer as I leave! Perhaps even a bit of Ska music! One Steph beyond???

It would be wonderful to see you all there. I will be leaving at 1pm, lead by my dad, heading over to the port for my short hop over to France and the start of my overland adventure!

Should be a fun day with loads of Adventure bikes on show.


  1. Steph, I wish you all the best in your trip!

  2. I 'll be there to wave you off, Steph. On my Track T-800CDI diesel motorbike, Looking forward to the venue!