Tuesday, 17 December 2013

13 weeks to go and party on!

Time really is flying now and with just the extra tank to go on Rhonda she is almost set.

Once Christmas is out of the way things are really going to get crazy. It's like a whirlwind already and every day is one step closer to setting off in to the sunset on the trip of my dreams! Is this really happening? If I'm dreaming then please don't wake me!

We have had plenty of practice as you can see with all the kit (I used a spare helmet for this one as I didn't want to get my lovely new X-Lite dirty!!)

Thanks to Mick Extance Experience we raised some money for the trip as well as testing out all the gear. It really was a top weekend and a great test for the bike and the Kriega luggage, which stayed in place beautifully. Thanks to everyone who came along.

It has been hard work to get in to this position where I can actually see the start line and it would not be happening without support. The latest to come on board are being added to the supporters page as we speak and the graphics are being designed for Rhonda to wear their logos proudly as we travel around the world together thanks to their belief in us.

As you know I was desperately hoping to reach all 7 continents but Antartica was a massive step way out of my budget (bearing in mind I have just a fiver a day for food!). I was hoping for the atheist equivalent of a miracle to happen. Guess what? It just did!!!

Tim at Motobreaks saw my blog and immediately called me up to offer his support. He said he wants to
see me make it. I explained that even with the money this may not happen as it is not that easy to get permission to take a motorbike on to Antarctica. He suggested I do my best and he would give me the financial backing to at least be in a position to try. This has now put me in with a good chance of becoming the first Brit to circumnavigate the globe solo and hit all 7 continents. Not only that
but Motobreaks are going to hold a big welcome home party for me when I arrive back in France! Anyone up for a party??? I certainly will be by then! Get that beer on ice!

Now all I need is a picture of me, Rhonda and a Penguin and my life will be complete!!!

Seriously BIG thanks to everyone who has shown their support up to this point (companies and individuals alike). We still have a lot of work to do before that leaving date but I know now that it really is going to happen and that is just the best feeling in the world for me!


  1. Keep on preppin', Steph and happy holidays :-)

  2. How did the larger fuel tank fit? Its the one from IMS I suppose?

  3. Hi Kurt. Got it from Adventure Spec. Fits beautifully. Needed a tiny bit of trim on the inside lip of the plastics but no hassle. It was very easy and looks good. Will get some photos up soon of final mods.

  4. Hope everything goes ok will be keeping tabs on u x