Friday, 8 November 2013

Big up the bikers

I must admit I never suited being a wall flower. Anyone who has seen me take over the dance floor or a karaoke machine knows that! However, this is not about the bragging rights for me on this occasion. One Woman One Moto One World should be taken with tongue firmly in cheek. However, I make no apologies for putting myself out there because from this comes chance meetings with amazing people, reunions with old friends and the discovery of great businesses with customer service way above and beyond their call of duty. The world suddenly starts to become a lot smaller and less intimidating place thanks to that real biker spirit that shines through when you need it most! A bit like elephants!! : 0 ) We may be fat and wrinkly, we may blow our own trumpets occasionally but we protect, support and work together when the time comes.

Thumper talk Forum for example. These guys don't know me but I am a fellow biker trying to achieve a dream and since reading about my trip, offers of support have come in thick and fast, from places to stay in the US, food, parts, donations and even a commemorative tattoo on my arrival! Join in if you fancy a chat......

My dad picked up a leaflet from the Overland show for me while I was away. It was for I emailed to see if they could help with some of my shipping questions. Within a day of sending that email, Roddy got back to me with a full page of really useful information for my entire trip as well as estimated
costs. The info included contact names and addresses and things to watch out for. Now Roddy wont make anything from this time spent and has even offered to help me with the shipping agencies I will encounter if I need his expertise (he is UK based). Again this is not making him a penny! Just a fellow biker who wants to help another.

On top of that I have met up with an old friend, seen amazing generosity from a total stranger (but perhaps a kindred spirit) and I put a few more pieces of the jigsaw in place all thanks to fellow bikers!

If that wasn't enough for you, the administrator of (Judge Jules) has agreed to ride around Bangor (North Wales) in a Mankini on my Honda CRF250L if I make it back in one piece! The forum will attempt to raise money for charity and if we hit 2k and two cans of Monster Energy he is going to go for it. The money will be split between 2 charities. One of his choice and one of mine. Now come on! Is that worth it??? Oh yes!!

It's been a great week! Here's to the bikers of the world.

Next week - Big up the Biker Babes of Britain!

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