Thursday, 28 November 2013

10 things to do with a Spork

Utensils of the Gods?

I received a delivery from Cotswold Outdoor today. I'd spoken to Mike Stevens, their retails director a few weeks ago via Linkedin, who had very kindly offered me a discount at my local store to help with the mounting costs of my trip.

He also promised that if any ex display stuff came up for grabs he would send it on.

True to his word a delivery arrived today and inside I found a Mountain Hardware sleeping bag, a Mountain Equipment sleeping matt, a Rab fleece and t-shirt, a Greeber torch and last but by no means least A SPORK!!! My very own Spork at last!!

Now the space on my bike is very very precious of course and so I thought I should weigh up the pros and cons by setting myself a challenge. If I can come up with 10 good uses for a Spork then it goes in the bag. If not, it is filed in the box that stays behind marked "Things to keep"! Here goes.....

Lets start with the true definition of a Spork as any serious investigation would:

A spork (also known as a foon) is a hybrid form of cutlery taking the form of a spoon-like shallow scoop with three of four fork tines.
The word Spork combines spoon with fork. The word first appeared in the 1909 supplement to the Century Dictionary, where it was described as a trade name applied to a long, slender spoon having at the end of the bowl, projections resembling the tines of a fork.

OK so this implement of desire clearly has a place in our hearts if it has been around this long yet it must have some shortfalls too. I mean can you actually use it to eat with? Is it not a case of Jack of all trades and master of none?

Following extensive research and experiments I have come up with the following uses:

1. Shoe horn
2. Self defence - 6 inches of stabbing scooping terror.
3. Tongue scraper
4. Catapult in a food fight
5. Nit Comb
6. Stick it in the ground and use it as a sun dial
7. Entertainment. Imagine this - Your sat in your tent on a dark lonely night. Suddenly your tent becomes your ship, you are Jean Luke Pacard and there is Dr Spork at your side.
8. Leg scratcher. For those parts you just cant reach with your bike boots on.
9. Wild dog deterrent. Throw the spork, shout "Fetch" and leg it in the opposite direction.
10. Eating - Yes you can actually eat with it to a point! I found the spoon was a little shallow for my corn flakes and the knife useless for spreading butter or cutting anything tougher than a boiled egg but the fork worked a treat. It's going to cause havoc when I come to eating Spagetti Bolognese and I need both a spoon AND a fork but it scrapes through on the eating test for me.

As a female traveler I could always take two, turn them in to earings and glam up my limited wardrobe! I could go on forever!

That does it.........

Feel free to add more suggestions! : 0 ) 


  1. An alternative bow tie for glam nights out....

  2. I've just been working with the Army for the last 3 months, on a recruitment drive through the Universities. And we've just given away thousands of very sporty black ones, a student must have!

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