Thursday, 28 November 2013

10 things to do with a Spork

Utensils of the Gods?

I received a delivery from Cotswold Outdoor today. I'd spoken to Mike Stevens, their retails director a few weeks ago via Linkedin, who had very kindly offered me a discount at my local store to help with the mounting costs of my trip.

He also promised that if any ex display stuff came up for grabs he would send it on.

True to his word a delivery arrived today and inside I found a Mountain Hardware sleeping bag, a Mountain Equipment sleeping matt, a Rab fleece and t-shirt, a Greeber torch and last but by no means least A SPORK!!! My very own Spork at last!!

Now the space on my bike is very very precious of course and so I thought I should weigh up the pros and cons by setting myself a challenge. If I can come up with 10 good uses for a Spork then it goes in the bag. If not, it is filed in the box that stays behind marked "Things to keep"! Here goes.....

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Preparing for a round the world trip

Never use ingenuity when brute force and ignorance will suffice. It only saps the brain cells... and you need to save all of yours!

                                   DOYLE, The Professionals, "Servant of Two Masters" (1979)

I am now on the 4 month countdown to setting off and leaving everything I know behind, heading for the horizon on what will be a life changing experience. Of course the life changes are already long underway.....

How do you plan for a trip like this? How much is it really costing? What are you doing with your house? Why are you going on your own? Are you crazy?

Friday, 8 November 2013

Big up the bikers

I must admit I never suited being a wall flower. Anyone who has seen me take over the dance floor or a karaoke machine knows that! However, this is not about the bragging rights for me on this occasion. One Woman One Moto One World should be taken with tongue firmly in cheek. However, I make no apologies for putting myself out there because from this comes chance meetings with amazing people, reunions with old friends and the discovery of great businesses with customer service way above and beyond their call of duty. The world suddenly starts to become a lot smaller and less intimidating place thanks to that real biker spirit that shines through when you need it most! A bit like elephants!! : 0 ) We may be fat and wrinkly, we may blow our own trumpets occasionally but we protect, support and work together when the time comes.