Friday, 6 September 2013

Salt Flats revisited

So after a first few days of what seemed like everything being thrown at us, I am pleased to report that the bikes are now behaving, the weather is being kind and all riders are fit and well (no worse than when they started anyway!). Adventure isn’t Paved – even on a road trip!

How do I feel 10 days in to my second trip around America? Actually pretty damn good. 11,500 miles under my belt and it hardly shows at all!! Pah! I feel good, I feel confident and I have now just set myself up for a fall by saying that!!!! 

I was worried I would not be able to find the enthusiasm but it is actually great to go around again. I am loving the people watching and that is just within the group. Very interesting to watch the dynamics changing as the trip goes on and of course they are very different people to the first group so this all makes for a whole new adventure for me! 

Jackson was interesting as we had a bear in the camp! Sadly I didn’t see it personally but it helped me decide whether I should go for a run in the woods or not that night! I do love close encounters with wildlife but not when I happen to be running on my own.

Got my first look Grand Teton Highway in Idaho, between Jackson and Salt lake this time around (last time I
took a diffferent route to get a broken bike to the garage). What a lovely road through the mountains.

We stopped for lunch in the small town of  Montpeiler. Ahos Espresso Deli is a tiny little diner  run by Carla and had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Dean (pictured right). One of Carla's regulars. Great company, great club sandwiches and amazing smoothies served here!

Got to Bonneville Salt Flats again today and found it was more like a lake. They were supposed to be racing but sadly everything was cancelled. Nick raced out there though and got some great shots! 

Now in Eureka (the friendliest town on the loneliest highway) and looking forward to San Fran tomorrow. I now have a co driver for the rest of my trip to give me the odd break which is wonderful after 11,500 miles! I got out 3 miles before Eureka and ran the last bit of the road while he drove back. It was hot but great to strectch my legs.

Now showered and refreshed we are off to the local steak house tonight but not before a collective shot of Jack Daniels honey! I'm ready!!!

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  1. my hero :). wow, totally admire you. i look foward to the day i will be making trips too on the bike :)