Monday, 23 September 2013

Feeling Tall - From North to South America

Well that is the end of my North American
adventure. After 16,000 miles, 44 riders, 2 casualties, 6 breakdowns and Nick Sanders to deal with over 8 weeks you would think I was glad to see the back of it! Not so! I enjoyed the US more than I thought I would and despite having very little time to myself (something I cherish) over that time I thoroughly enjoyed everyone's company. I have have made some great new friends and learnt a little more about myself along the way. It's funny how you get used to moving from day to day and it was a great insight in to how I might feel during my world trip next year. It has given me a little more confidence and that can't be a bad thing at this stage! If you are thinking of riding the US then I would recommend you don't just stick to Route 66. It's nice to see but it's a cliche and there are far far better roads to ride either on your own or as part of a group. You can do far worse than taking Nick's incredible USA tour. However, it is not for the faint hearted. You will cover up to 520 miles per day and will have to be prepared to ride unguided at times. Of course you will have a road book and back up vehicle but this is no coach tour.It's an expedition. Be prepared! The sense of achievement you will feel on completing this mammoth road trip will be priceless! 8,000 miles in 3 weeks covering some of the best America has to offer. Coast to coast to coast. To book for next year or find out more info visit Red Moto Adventures

So now I have moved on to South America. Lima to be precise  I have met up with a couple of friends and as they spend the week learning to paraglide, I catch up on some rest, get some work done on my laptop and take in the sites and sounds of Lima before meeting up with Dave from Adventure Bike Peru and heading for the Andean Mountains for some off road adventure!

We have now got over the flood that we had in the apartment on the first day! Toilet overflowed and just kept on going. Came home to find half an inch of water all the way through from back bedroom to front room! Clothes and some electrical equipment soaked through! After the initial panic and trying to hide the evidence we gave in and called the agency. We decided it wasn't our fault anyway and so left them to clean it up while we went for pizza and a Pisco Sour or two! We even got $100 back for the inconvenience.

Yesterday was a good day. Once the guys got back we headed out in search of Guinea Pig (Cuy). A traditional Andean dish which we decided must be tried whilst in Lima (one of the great culinary cities of the world). Sadly they were all out so we tried Alpaca instead and have since found out that Guinea Pig is a mountain dish and best tried when we get up there. Alpaca though is delicious. very lean and tasted a little like beef I guess.

So today the electric went out in the neighborhood as did the water supply and so after considering my options I decided to give up on trying to work and take a walk around town. I had a lovely stroll around the markets, got my hair cut (8 weeks on the road does your split ends no good at all) and then met up with the boys and their Danish instructor to have lunch in a fish restaurant for the locals (local food for local people!). For someone who has only just started eating fish I was very brave and even went for the local delicacy of raw fish called Ceviche! It was really really good!! The fried shellfish was my favorite though! Highly recommended.
Lima has a great way of getting people involved in exercise too. Every Sunday they block off one of the main streets in town and give it up to all forms of keep fit from cycling to spinning to volley ball to dancing. check out the video below. What a fun way to get your weekend work out in. Lovely atmosphere.

The other great thing about Lima is the fact that at 5"5 I am taller than the majority of people here. This is a first for me and I could get used to it! What a novelty! I can see over the madding crowd!

Next stop Cordillera Blanca mountain range but first chill for a few more days and enjoy my time off!


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