Sunday, 18 August 2013

The road to Nashville

The last few days have been a little tyring. We have had a couple of long transit days (around 500 miles on one road!) and so not had much to tell. These days are necessary evils if you want to cross a continent twice in 21 days and this is something you will have to bear in mind if you are considering coming on a this expedition. There is a lot packed in. If you can do it then you are highly rewarded but you really do have to be honest with yourself about your abilities before you sign up. That is probably the best bit of advice I can give.

First let me take you back to Silverton. This is a great little town and highly recommended. The Handlebar saloon is so worth visiting, Full of stuffed creatures and quirkiness everywhere you look. We all loved it and the owner and her family were great hosts, telling Scottish jokes all night (her husband is Scottish). It is a random place and for that we were greatful!

This leads on to the Million dollar highway the next day.

Sadly my video from the highway was corrupt and so I cannot show it to you despite my best efforts! However, I can safely say it is worth a ride. If you are in to off roading then there are clearly lots of great trails around here too as there were possibly hundreds of off road bikes on route.

From Silverton we headed for Limon via Colorado springs. I was happily pottering along listening to the
radio when a warning message interrupted the music. It said that there was an imminent threat of flash flooding on Highway 24 around Colorado Springs and to take appropriate action! "What would you like me to do?" I thought "Transform my pick up in to a boat?". I looked in the rear view mirror and saw the cloud that was threatening to dump it's load at any moment! It was behind me and so I decided the best action was to go faster! I put my foot down and hoped the guys on the bikes did the same.

Once I got to the hotel I was told there were 3 Tornado warnings on our route to Kansas the next day. Now this was getting interesting! We prepared for the worst but in the end it never came. We saw some spectacular cloud formation and it looked likely we would see some action but all remained calm throughout our 500 mile day. Days like that and you kind of wish for something to break up the boredom!

The next long day took us from Kansas to Cape Giradeau. Here we all got together for one hell of a night in a local bar. We were all ready for a good old fashioned piss up and that is exactly what we did. One of the highlights of the night for me was putting Wonderwall on the juke box and all 22 of us became one as we belted it out across the bar! Oh that and dancing  to Free Bird with a 7 foot wide black guy who had rhythm! Nice! I think we got home around 3am (not sure) and so the next morning was a little slow to start! Luckily it was an easy day of just 230 miles.

We arrived in Nashville around 3.30pm and I went straight to bed for an hour. Having caught up on my sleep we headed out to Nashville to check out the two types of music....Country AND Western (you knew that was coming didn't you?).

We had a wonderful Brazilian meal to start and then set off down the main strip in search of some live music. This is not difficult in Nashville as every bar has a band playing! It was a little too crowded for my liking (being a country girl) due to a couple of big concerts going on that night. However, we had a great time and met some very interesting people along the way!

Today we head for the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. A 300 mile day leading to a bikers campsite in the heart of Blueridge. Just a couple more days and we will have covered nearly 8000 miles and crossed a continent twice in 21 days! No further breakdowns as yet and only 1 more speeding fine!

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