Sunday, 11 August 2013

Golden Gate Bridge and Highway 1

Number of days - 12
Number of miles - 4260 ish

I am pleased to say we have had no more stops for speeding and no more broken bikes!

Danni's bike is now fixed and back on the road and most of the riders seem to be coping really well with the miles.

We have managed to cross a continent in 11 days and have reached the west coast of America. We have come all the way from New York to San Francisco and on the 12th day we have traveled over Golden Gate Bridge, along the famous Highway 1 coast road and started heading inland again to Bakersfield.

I'm afraid my opinion on the bridge is not great. I actually thought I had taken the wrong bridge! It was totally unimpressive for me. I didn't even stop to take pictures. Highway 1 had great views of course but was full of tourists and didn't do it for me although I know some of the riders loved it.

The road we took between H1 and Bakersfield - Now that is my kind of road. Highway 58 goes on for  about 130 miles and I didn't see a soul on it. I had the whole wonderful twisty road to myself aside from a few vultures and the odd deer! It had great humps in it on the long straights and so it really was just like going on a roller coaster! I loved it! This was the highlight of my day! Although after going as fast as I could over the bumps for several miles I did end up feeling slightly queezy (but smiling)!

You can keep the bridge! The west coast though was beautiful. Now we head for the desert and Las Vegas!


  1. The blogging is sorted for next years trip. Great story, great pictures. Keep 'm comin'!

  2. You didn’t like the Golden gate bridge? I have never been there but it’s the biggest attraction of San Francisco. I guess that’s what happens when you see too many pretty pictures.