Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Death Valley, Vegas, Route 66 and Canyon

Yes we really have ticked all these off in the last 2 days! I cant quite believe it myself. All this on 4 hours sleep! Highlights....

Road closed at Death Valley

As we headed towards Death Valley in furness heat we learnt that the road leading to it ahead was closed to to flash flood damage. After much deliberation we split the group. Some took the long way around and the rest of us headed past the road closed signs to see what we could do to get the bikes through. This is an adventure after all! Of course we made it and it really wasn't that bad in the end. A bit of sand and the tarmac broken up in places but nothing we couldnt get through with a bit of effort! Turned out to be great fun and no one even dropped a bike!

Riding in to Vegas
Highly recommended! Arrive in style straight from the desert and on to the strip. Still covered in the sweat and dirt from a hard days riding. The beers taste better and the lights look brighter I can tell you. Do it if you get the chance!

Night out in Vegas
After driving down the strip it was hard not to go out and check the place out properly. What a funny night. I rode a rodeo bull, had a limo ride, drank tequila and danced a lot! It was wonderful and great company too. Got in around 3am! oops!

Route 66 to Oatman
Got on the back of Andy Bish for a ride along Route 66. We rode 30 miles to Oatman and met the Oatman donkeys.......
These donkeys are the decendants of the gold mining donkeys. When they stopped using them they set them free and now there are about 600 of the buggers! What a great town! Visit if you can! Ride Route 66 from Kingsman to Oatman!

 Racing the sun to the top of the Grand Canyon
Raced the sun tonight to the top of the Grand Canyon on the back of Andy GSXR. We had 35 mins to do an hours journey before sunset. Missed it by about 2 mins thanks to elks in the road! Great fun trying though and wonderful site regardless. Ate Rattlesake on the way home! Not bad but a bit tough as you would expect!

Wish I had time to get more pictures and videos on to capture it all but hey ho! I must sleep at some stage!

Just leaving Silverton. What a great place. If you come here you must ride here. Great roads to the 9000ft old Silver mining town. This is a real gem! Trust me you will love it. Will add some pics soon as poss!

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