Monday, 5 August 2013

Badlands - It wasn't so bad! Actually it was quite nice!

Day 6 - Souix Falls to Cody
Distance - 430 miles
Total distance so far - 1770 miles

I'm getting used to this driving long hours thing now! Another 8 hours under my belt and a great day. I was last to leave the hotel of course and a lot of the riders were taking different routes today so I just drove the main route as per the road book and pottered along. I didn't see one of them and no one called so I just kept pottering along and taking pictures and enjoying the view. It was a lovely day! Now at Custer and the place is swarming with bikers. It's lovely. Cody seems like a real old fashioned cowboy town so I am going to wonder in shortly and see if I can get slung out of a saloon!!

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