Sunday, 4 August 2013

American Diaries - The Hogs are swarming

Day 3 and 4 on the road

Cleavland to Clinton - 500 miles
Clinton to Sioux Falls - 475 miles

Road along the Mississippi to Sioux Falls. Heading towards the Sturgis Rally. This is a Harley Davidson rally where 250,000 riders decent on Sturgis, a small town which normally holds around 8,000 people. As we get closer we are surrounded more and more by non helmet wearing, denim clad bikers on their HOGs. It is lovely actually although I am not a Harley fan, I do love the sound and its just nice to be around so many bikers. The Interstates and hotels are full of them.

I am so tired now after nearly 1000 miles in 2 days. Catching up with me tonight I think. I am up just before 6am every morning and out running before getting packed up, meeting for the 7.30 briefing and then heading out on the road. It is all going smoothly though, short of 3 police stops (the bikes speeding) and one bike full of diesel!!

My truck just keeps on trucking and I am loving seeing so much of the states. Looking forward to seeing Sturgis tomorrow, not to mention Mount Rushmore, Badlands and watching my first Rodeo!!

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