Saturday, 3 August 2013

American Diaries - Day 1 and 2

Newark to Elmira - 220 miles
Elmira to Cleveland - 365 miles

So it's now morning of day 3 and I must admit I am slightly worse for wear. Having had a fantastically healthy start to the trip with my 5a.m runs and swims and my zero alcohol intake I decided last night that it was time to let my hair down a little. Everything in moderation including moderation itself. My friend Oscar Wilde never said a truer word! This is a quote I live by and it works for me. Life is too short to get anal about things and yet we must moderate to remain healthy and happy. Life balance!

So day one started with the usual teething problems you would expect. The crew managed to get their bikes from the docs with surprisingly little drama and we set off on a 220 mile warming up day. Most of us got lost of course and the riders felt like a boil in the bag meal! However, we all made it and smiling too for that matter!

At times I felt like crying and at times it was so much fun chasing the bikes through Pennsylvania!  That's what its all about though. Without the lows what would the highs mean? Certainly not as much. Makes you feel alive!

My roomie and I are getting on really well (pictured below with her sexy R1.Go girlfriend!!). I had a feeling we would. We have had some real giggles already.
We both slept very well on the first night although apparently I was talking in my sleep!!

Day 2 saw us do about 365 miles to Cleveland via Niagara. This day was a lot easier as far as navigation and everything just fit in to place beautifully. Niagara is stunning as you would imagine but it's natural beauty is kinda spoilt by the fact that you are corralled through the visitor centres selling all sorts of crap! Went to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch and then had a steady ride over to Cleveland arriving around tea time so all in all a good day. We didn't lose anyone and we all had a brilliant night in the Bone Yard Bar that night. Sadly I lost my Converse after trying to take a short cut back to the hotel through some bushes (!! no idea what I was thinking!!) and finding a ditch amongst the foliage! My shoes came off and I just couldn't find them again!! The least said about that the better I think!!