Tuesday, 30 July 2013

American Diaries

Made it to New Jersey a few days ago. On tour with Nick Sanders and a load of bikers doing the Incredible USA tour of Nicks. I am official support and so will be driving the van rather than riding but hey! I get paid for this so I'm not complaining.

We will be doing two tours back to back. Both are 7,500 miles and so all together Nick, Caroline and I will be doing a grand total of 15,000 miles! This is the equivalent of riding from the UK to Singapore! If I can do this then I can get my sorry ass around the world! I have no idea how Caroline (who comes along as the medic) can ride pillion for this amount of time! Now THAT must be hard work!

We will be visiting some amazing places like Sturges (during the famous bike rally), Badlands, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, LA, Mount Rushmore, Salt Lake City, Yellow stone Park, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Kansas City and Colorado to name but a few. Oh we even go to Graceland! Kinda looking forward to that! Uhuhuuuu!!!

This is going to be great training for me. Not only for the mileage and the heat and my overall endurance but also for testing my equipment, keeping my blog up to date and also keeping fit with a daily run and some Chi Gong even when I have 8 hours driving to do (most important). This is the moment of truth. I will either come back fat, unfit and scared or I will be fitter, stronger and even more confident in my abilities to circumnavigate the globe! It is my choice and I can blame no one else if I end up full of donughts!

Watch this space.
Have a nice day yaaaall!!

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  1. Livin the dream is a lot harder than dreamin the dream innit! :-) Sure ya gonna grab it by the horns Steph.x