Tuesday, 30 July 2013

American Diaries

Made it to New Jersey a few days ago. On tour with Nick Sanders and a load of bikers doing the Incredible USA tour of Nicks. I am official support and so will be driving the van rather than riding but hey! I get paid for this so I'm not complaining.

We will be doing two tours back to back. Both are 7,500 miles and so all together Nick, Caroline and I will be doing a grand total of 15,000 miles! This is the equivalent of riding from the UK to Singapore! If I can do this then I can get my sorry ass around the world! I have no idea how Caroline (who comes along as the medic) can ride pillion for this amount of time! Now THAT must be hard work!

We will be visiting some amazing places like Sturges (during the famous bike rally), Badlands, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, LA, Mount Rushmore, Salt Lake City, Yellow stone Park, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Kansas City and Colorado to name but a few. Oh we even go to Graceland! Kinda looking forward to that! Uhuhuuuu!!!

This is going to be great training for me. Not only for the mileage and the heat and my overall endurance but also for testing my equipment, keeping my blog up to date and also keeping fit with a daily run and some Chi Gong even when I have 8 hours driving to do (most important). This is the moment of truth. I will either come back fat, unfit and scared or I will be fitter, stronger and even more confident in my abilities to circumnavigate the globe! It is my choice and I can blame no one else if I end up full of donughts!

Watch this space.
Have a nice day yaaaall!!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Anyone for a Half Marathon?

Thanks to a Zoe Beaumont of kittypiercings.co.uk in Colwyn Bay, who offered to run a Half Marathon to help raise much needed funds for both my record attempt and Rally4Life, I too will now be running (well how could I refuse!). In fact, what started as one woman showing her support has so far led to a total of 5 of us running! Well done Zoe for getting us going and thanks Cora, Sam, Neil and possibly my mum (??) for taking the baton and running with it - literally!

Now we have a mission on and we would love you to join us on what has been voted in the top 5 most scenic Half Marathons by readers of Runners World.

You don't have to be a runner but it's a great incentive to get your training program started and even if you just walk around it all counts!

Contact steph@redmotoadventures.co.uk for sponsorship forms and meeting points so we can start together and in style! We don't do it any other way! It's going to be a fun day out and in a stunning part of North Wales.

The race is on Sunday the  24th November and you can enter online here


Be part of history! Help get me to Antarctica and become the first British rider to hit all seven continents on a bike solo! 20% of all money raised for this project will be donated to Rally4life.org. A wonderful charity who need our support. Please check them out.

If you prefer just to make a donation or show your support in some other way then please contact steph@redmotoadventures.co.uk

Sunday, 14 July 2013

A bed for the night

Move around the map below to see details of my route. The little blue bikes represent places where people have offered their support with a bed for the night. To see details click on the individual bikes. The black lines represent routes I will take should funding allow. If you can add to this then please get in touch. Your support is massively appreciated. Please note: This map is not currently compatible with Explorer 10. Please use compatibility view or better still Chrome.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Around the world on 10k and 2 wheels - possible?

Well this is the Big Question and one that many people have asked me since setting up this project. The answer is I don't know, in all honesty, but I am going to give it a damn good try and am willing to bet my hard earned ten grand on it! 

I believe anything is possible with a bit of positive mental attitude, good old fashioned pigheadedness,  a lot of help from my friends, family, and possibly most importantly, people I meet on along the way.

Charlie and Ewan had a budget of over a million as well as a support crew. What makes me think I can do it on my own with a tiny fraction of their budget? Well I don't have a million or a support crew for starters! The only alternative is to stay at home and spend my money on adventure DVDs and chocolate instead. Nothing has ever come easily to me (mostly because I chose the hard way to do everything! I am
a victim of my own actions) and so I am kind of  used to roughing it. I guess you could say my trip would be "The skint way round" by comparison.