Monday, 10 June 2013

What bike?

After much deliberation and many hours of homework, the natural conclusion I have come to is that the only bike I trust for this journey is a Honda. Why? Good question, and one I'm glad you asked! Here are my top 5 reasons:

1.Having worked with them in the past, I am fully aware that their reliability and durability partly lies in their simplicity. To coin a phrase: it does what it says on the tin!  If it does break down, the chances are it will be repairable and parts will be available! Honda's build quality is second-to-none. This is a must for my journey. 

2. The CRF 250L came out last year and no one has attempted to take it on such a journey before. I am looking forward to testing it out and showing what it is capable of. This is a multi-role bike which I can tell you - having test ridden it - is equally at home on the road or on a dirt track. I am confident it will tackle anything I throw at it. 

3. It is lightweight and fairly low to the ground giving me the confidence to take it anywhere and know that if I get stuck, I can always drag it out!

4. It has excellent fuel economy and with such a small budget I need that! It is powered by a single cylinder that provides useful power and torque across a wide rev range.

5. I look good in red! What more is there to say?