Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Part 2 - Malaysia to North Wales via Australia, South America.............

OK, so let's assume that all has gone roughly according to plan with Eastern Asia and part of Southern Asia under my belt. Fully rested in Thailand I will now head down through Malaysia to Singapore then over to Indonesia where I will head for the country that I have longed to go to for quite some time: Borneo.

Borneo is the third largest island in the world and has spectacular jungles that are still relatively untouched. Borneo, with all its amazing wildlife has managed to stay fairly undeveloped by tourism. Not a bad thing when you consider that tourism has a history of eating up and spitting out the most beautiful of places.

The biggest draw for me here are the Orang-utans and the thousands of different tribes that still live safely, sheltered amongst the jungle foliage. The riding is going to be pretty darn funky too. This is where my bike will be really tested for its off road capabilities (as will mine for that matter!).

I plan on staying here and investigating for 20 days, travelling from East to West before heading off to Australia (not sure if by air or sea here). Makes it sound so easy on paper!!

After covering around 2500 miles in Australia from Darwin to Sydney I hope to get a boat over to New Zealand and from there fly over to South America. I aim to arrive here around February 2014.

The Americas should be amazing. Starting in Chile at the Southern most point of America, heading along the Pan American Highway, along the coast through Peru, Equador, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El Salvador before reaching Guatemala. I hope to be able to stay here for a couple of weeks helping out on one of Rally4life's projects, building wells and providing much needed drinking water and sanitation for many of the rural villages.

Leaving Guatemala I will head through Mexico and up into North America, over to Canada and then a flight over to Africa. Easy! The African route will all depend on what funds are left at this stage. If funds are low- as I suspect they might be- I will fly to Morocco and then over into Spain and Portugal before riding home through France.

If, however, the money fairies are looking after me, I will head for South Africa and attempt to ride north to Morocco before heading home. This would add several months and miles to my trip. Isn't it lovely not knowing for sure what the future holds?

That is six continents out of the seven and believe me, if someone were prepared to fund me, I would take it all the way to Antarctica to cover all continents (Come on! It was worth a try!!)

Bring it on!

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