Wednesday, 24 April 2013

One Woman, One Motorbike, One World Trip

In 11 months time from now, on the 27th March 2013 I will be heading off on a solo overland journey around the world on a motorbike. I expect, to take between 15 months and  2 years to complete my route, visiting in the region of 40 countries and riding around  50,000 miles.The journey though, begins here.

I have 11 months to choose the right bike (not easy when you happen to be a short woman!), the right luggage, what route to take, and what is the bare minimum I can live on. I really am going to have to rely on the kindness of strangers if I am to survive on my minuscule budget. Looks like I'm going to need a tent!

 This next 11 months will be focused on gaining support from the motorcycle industry, friends and family. I'm also going to be selling off my possessions to fund the project (including my lovely FZ6!) whilst paying my bills and working on my site ( will be away  for 3 months this year reviewing tours in Peru for the site and driving for Nick Sanders Expeditions in the US. This leaves me with 8 months to pull it off! The key here is to stay focused whatever happens between now and then!

Here goes nothing........

I would welcome any offers of support or advice for this trip. Especially if you can offer
  • a place to stay on route or contacts
  • company for some of the journey (are you going to be riding any part of the world next year?)
  •  financial or product support - 80% of all monetary donations to this project will go to Rally4Life, the other 20% will go towards funding the project. See details below)
The first leg of my journey will take me riding through Eastern Europe over to Turkey and Iran then skirting around Afghanistan over to India then around to Vietnam and eventually to Thailand.I have a friend here who will put me up and feed me for a few weeks at The Earth Housse, Koa Tao, while I prepare for my second leg - Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and then on to South America, USA, Canada then Africa and home.

This project hopes to raise as much as possible for the charity, Rally4Life founded in 2010 by my good friends Mark and Jackie Jennings Bates. Their mission is to relieve poverty through the provision of safe water, sanitation, education, sustenance, and shelter to families in need around the world.

Rally4Life is  a Registered Canadian Charity, created from the founders vision to combine the desire to participate in adventurous life-changing activities, while bringing meaning to those exploits by giving back to those in need. 

Please show your support in any way you can. You can 
Follow the project on Facebook -
or follow the blog here -
or make a donation of just £2 below. This will pay for 1 mile of the 50,000 this project will cover and will provide £1.60 to Rally4Life who can provide clean drinking water for 1 child for 8 years. 100% of public donations to Rally4Life goes towards project costs.

Thank you so much for your support.
Please share this post if you can and help raise money.


  1. Great motorbike trip! Bravo women!

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  3. wow.. you're strong women is both soft and powerful.
    I believe you can do everything

  4. a lot of respect for you, not because you are a women, because any human being would find this tough, the heat, the stamina, seems almost impossible for me, I bet you really feel the heat in your helmet, what type of helmet do you use? full or half? Thanks John :)

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