Monday, 25 March 2013

Riders of the lost lanes

We went on a search for some new routes for our Green Lane Experience a couple of weeks ago. As you can see...Tony really is thorough!!

No stone left unturned. Bless! At least I think that's what he's doing!

This place just keeps on giving! We are really impressed with the number of lanes we have found and the roads connecting them are just ace! We've got the XT660's on the road now and, well O.K, they are not as light as an enduro bike, but they are lovely to ride and well placed on the green lanes and back roads of wales. Better for longer journeys too. I could sit on one all day, and often do! The right tool for the job (Tony's a pretty useful tool too!).

We thought we might run a trip from the Expedition Centre near Machynlleth right the way through Snowdonia and over to the new zip wire in the Ogwen Valley. Imagine that! Ha! Ride over there on the lanes, get in a big army truck and drive up the old quarry, dive off the top on the longest zip wire in the Northern Hemisphere before hopping back on your bike and riding home! You'd feel like 007 by the time you've finished. I'm going to get on that tomorrow! Clearly the RedMoto team will have to test it out first.

What a lovely summer we are going to have! I digress! This particular day we checked out Cwm Elan. What a stunning place.
"No sound is here save the stream that shrills and now, and then a cry of faint wailing when the Kite comes sailing o'er the crags"
William Lisle Bowles 'Coombe-Ellen' 1798

If you are looking for somewhere to ride out to this summer then this is a great place to go.

 I can highly recommend a visit to see the damns and reservoirs.

With a higher than average rainfall though, it is wise to check the forecast.

However, whatever the season, RedMoto highly recommend it.


On average it rains on 235 days in a year on the Elan Estate.

Elan 1830 mm
    London 593 mm 
    Cardiff 1065 mm 
    Edinburgh 676 mm
Be warned!

If you fancy a day out green Laning with us then get in touch.

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